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dji Wookong M IMU v1 to IMU v2 upgrade Exchange offer

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125.00 Grams
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Product Description

Limited time/condition Offer Exchange / Upgrade

This is a special offer for existing registered WookongM owners to upgrade/exchange an v1 IMU in an S800/s900 or other >5kg drone (v1 IMU is worth USD480) for the  A2M Metal style "Wookong" (later known as an A2M then A2 IMU- same item different logo)  V2 IMU (v2 A2 IMU is worth USD720 value)  for only USD240.  The upgrade makes accessible to Wookong owners the very latest  A2 metal IMU on a generous upgrade exchange program.  Conditions apply - see below.  

s800 owners - Max take off weight for S800 is 7.0kg  - operating at or near this max legal weight can amplify out of balance props/motors, increased resonance and out of track props (all user errors in set-up) causing IMU to receive junk data - so this new IMU v2 has been designed to further resist poorly setup S800 or other diy aircraft poorly setup by users in a rush, such as motors and props which have not been well balanced by the user.  If your S800 is well balanced and your operating safely below the max weight of 7.0kg then this upgrade is NOT necessary.  We fly our S800 regularly and have not experienced any problems with the v1 IMU's - The main difference is a) is made from metal which does not allow sunlight-flicker to effect the barometer in some sun/shade runs b) has 2 side mounted static ports to provide BARO sensing freee form high speed pressure in-equality from a single port.  From our tests we did not notice any difference in flight characteristics - and ALL wookongM even 2014 models still ship with a v1 plastic IMU ( We do recommend to paint them black to prevent light entering)

Bottom line for >5kg -  is if you don't balance all motors and props and remove ALL vibration - this IMU will NOT help you, and the entire process will be a waste of time. You must balance ALL motors and props and then do this upgrade/exchange 

You must monitor the Pilot LED - we recommend to install a HUB and Dual LED for best protection


1. ONLY valid for registered WookongM owners 

2. Order this exchange/upgrade and be sure to enter your RMA number in the box top right ( = the order number where you purchased your WookongM from us before)

3. Return your v1 IMU in undamaged working condition to us - signature delivery

4. When we receive the orginal IMU from you un-damaged - and tie it to a paid upgrade - We will then Ship an exchange v2 IMU to you.  

Note : in fairness this is an exchange program - If your v1 IMU - marked with your name and RMA number - does not arrive in a reasonable amount of time the order will be cancelled & fully refunded and the v2 offered to the next person.  Likewise if you dont enter your RMA (original WKM order#) we cannot accept your order.



  1. Metal case - CNC 20% heavier than v1 CASE - more inertia to resist vibration
  2. Two pitot-static ports - side position - more resistant to static pressure build up from the front single hole of current IMU in forward flight
  3. 4 screws base lockdown - no plastic lock tabs


  • Warranty excludes CRASH DAMAGE - in a crash the IMU mounting can be damaged - if you crashed you should replace the IMU
  • Warranty for IMU - 6 Months Factory Warranty

Excludes/ Requires

  • Requires maintenance - Do not expose to extreme vibration such as prop damage flights - replace if so damaged
  • Do not expose connector pins to salt - Do not operate in salt laden air or marine environments without correct steps - Salt risk can cause accelerated corrosion without doing maintenance to remove and protect from salt - if the drone is at risk of being exposed to salt the user must protect all connectors and PCB with INOX - Users failing to conduct regular maintenance with INOX (or similar sprays) will experience corrosion in marine environments and this is NOT covered by warranty as salt is corrosive .  Its very easy to apply marine protection if that risk exists in your area.

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