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  • Scarab Knife 270 - FPV mini Quad
  • Scarab Knife 270 - FPV mini Quad
  • Scarab Knife 270 - FPV mini Quad
  • Scarab Knife 270 - FPV mini Quad - note position of standoffs
  • Scarab Knife 270 - FPV mini Quad

Scarab Knife 270 - FPV mini Quadcopter - Full Carbon - frame

Shipping Weight:
190.00 Grams
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20 unit(s)

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Product Description

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This is the new SCARAB Knife 270mm mini Quad Nov 2015 r2 - this version is a  frame (without electronics)  for DIY or for spare parts if you already have a full Knife electronica kit (sold separately) - The Knife is designed to be ultra light airframe at only 125g (125g with camera isolation mount deck as per photos above), yet super-strong -  flown indoors or outdoors - fast and furious - can be fitted with just about any autopilot you wish - but flies best with a PARIS AIR Hero v2 and has a preprepared PARIS GPS slot to mount the PARIS GPS embedded and protected in the tail section* - features an original Scarab style dead-cat profile with a full isolated front deck on 4 gell-balls to carry an HD video camera such as the mobius or the Replay XD mini.  The 3mm CF booms are ribbed to reduce drag by micro separation of the boundary layer under the props.  There are no nuts - all M3 SS bolts screw directly to embedded M3 inserts - and all hardware is either Stainless Steel or Aluminium. Also important was a flexible battery location for either sideways mount or longitudinal mount using the CarbonBird 3S1500 21mm liPo.  

Why 270mm? - the design size is determined by the width of the camera deck to hold a 40x60mm HD camera with "zero" gello between the front 5-6" props (thats right - not limited to 5" like other brands) - unlike other Quads which are unstable in roll axis the Knife is super stable because motor centres sit on the circular plane - yet still allow the HD camera a absolute un-obstructed prop-free view of the fast moving terrain

Why are the motors attached the top plate? - aero-science - lower C of G = more stable - the weight lies below - Designed to be stable

Why are there so many holes in the frame? - 1) weight reduction without compromise to strength 2) Speed - ensure air pressure does do build up on the top surface in fast forward flight.

Where are the landing gear? - Mini Quads don't need or use landing gear - it is best to land on a matt - or lawn grass until you have the skills to land and take off from your hand (always wear eye protection - props can cut!) - Dont operate in dust - it will erode your bearings

Why are there both 22mm 25mm 30mm standoffs ?  If you want to build it with 30mm - no problem - use 8*30mm red standoff supplied - The Knife can be setup as a wedge - with a narrow profile at 22mm front ; 25mm mid and rear 30mm ; you can also buy custom stand offs and fly it any way you want even 50mm all the way front to back(not included).  When no HDCamera Yi/Replay/GoPro is carried the LiPo will be sideways - when an HD Camera is carried the LiPo will be at the rear internally. 


Kit Includes (effective 29.7.2015)

  • 4-balls video-gello killer VRS camera deck extreme front - no props in view (1.0mm 5-Layers 3K weave CF 65x65mm for mobius size 40g cameras) - black balls
  • 4 x 108x27mm engine mount Booms - 3.0mm CarbonFibre 2-Layers 3k weave and 20 layers uni inside 90°/0° alternate - Motor mount holes are 2.0mmØ at 12mmØ (6) and 16mmØ(2)
  • 1 x 250x125mm 2.0mm 2-Layers Full 3K weave and 10 layers uni inside 90°/0° alternate carbon top plate
  • 1 x 250x80mm 1.5mm 2-Layers Full 3k weave and 8 layers uni inside 90°/0° alternate Carbon Lower  plate
  • 2 x 22mm RED anodised CNC standoffs
  • 2 x 25mm RED anodised CNC standoffs
  • 8 x 30mm RED anodised CNC standoffs
  • 28 x M3*5 SS bolts (+1 spare) frame
  • 1 x tension band (tilts the camera deck up slightly)
  • 1 x power distribution lead,  5 ways XT60/JST

Requires/Excludes  (effective 29.7.2015)

Note - effective 16 Feb 2015 CF is revised in light of feedback

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Product Reviews

  1. Love this Frame

    Posted by Jon on 11th Mar 2015

    This is probably the best flying Mini frame I have owned, quality of the Carbon is excellent. be sure to order some extra M3x5 hardware as in my kit, 4 of the included M3 hardware had misshapen allen heads and couldn't be properly tightened. Only other thing I wish was different is that I would love to see the motor mount slotted to be able to accept even larger size motors like ******** 2204 Kv2300 motors.

    I still give the Frame 5 stars though!

  2. MIni Racer

    Posted by Ed L on 2nd Mar 2015

    The kit is awesome, very well made and constructed of high quality carbon fiber material. I highly recommend everyone buy the combo as it has all you need. Completely satisfied!

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