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  • Scarab Gimbal - GoProHeroHD in waterproof case - roll axis level mechanism
  • Scarab Gimbal - GoProHeroHD - roll axis level mechanism

Scarab Gimbal - GoProHeroHD - roll axis level mechanism

Shipping Weight:
155.00 Grams
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Product Description

This is the SCARAB Roll gimbal for the GoProHeroHD2, GoPro3 or GP4 protective housing - For perfect LEVEL photos in high risk environments - set your GoPro to intervalometer and land with hundreds of LEVEL horizon shots - without the need for expensive and un-necessary brushless gimbals.  Apart from Gello on more expensive flimsy rival gimbals - we found that the biggest issue with non stabilised footage is chopping out large sections of camera footage which is perfect on a Scarab except for the fact that the horizon in tilted.  By using a roll gimbal with a super-solid metal on metal design and oversized 18mm bearings -  we offer simplicity with form and function.  Heli-pilots are long used to using super-fast digital servos for 3D but we actually found after exhaustive testing the a slower analogue servo is far better for the function in a MULTICOPTER - specifically with MultiWiicopter software gimbal control.  Gimbal Designed and manufactured by SCARAB team - not available on any other website.  The gimbal is stabilised by a PARIS Sirius IMU (not included)


  • Roll gimbal assembly and hardware
  • Metal Gear servo BlueBirdMAX380 - aka Turnigy 380
  • GoPro male triple flange bracket
  • M3 bolts to mount the servo x 4
  • Ball-link roll change rod/2 rod ends/2 ball ends
  • Instructions to assemble - comes as lots of small parts
  • Carbon fibre 26mm servo tray - holder
  • Stainless Steel M5 bolt & Nylon M% bolt (lighter)
  • Servo extension lead
  • Total weight with servo 109grams - solid - forms a structral component of the MainFrame of your SCARAB
  • Down-loadable Gimbal assembly manual - HERE 
Fits with -  Fits directly to
  • SCARAB TriiKopta
  • SCARAB QuadOcta
  • SCARAB YSiix
  • SCARAB Stealth Recon



  • Excludes PARIS Sirius Gimbal IMU - Gimbal control function is included in PARIS v4r5 or later but requires activation in the Code and GUI
  • REQUIRES as 3300uF 10v electrolytic Cap - sold HERE
  • You will need a 1/16th Scarab frame tool Hex ; 1.5 mm hex tool ; 2mm hex tool ; file or diamond file ; Blue Loctite® ; sidecutters ; Servo centering device
  • Requires thin cyno
  • You will need to supply your own goProHeroHD camera - with its original housing - requires some deburring and 1 drop of oil
  • You will need modelling/engineering skills to assemble it - NOT a toy - requires 1hr to assemble in a workshop

In MultiWii 2.3 or later, the gimbal TILT angle , TILT_PROP and ROLL-PROP the rate to match the tilt of the copter to the servo tray tilt is now in the GUI, not in the code like 2.2

  1.  in the GUI 1st tab ; activate the CAMSTAB boxes (choose alway on (3 white as shown)  or by switch set only one box to white)  - press WRITE
  2. multiwii-camstab-settings.jpg
  3. a new tab called SERVO will appear next to that called SERVO - in that tab press GIMBAL and then READ 
  4. Now set the value you require to toget the correct ROLL and centre point - then SAVE


Software for EE's and coders
For MuliWii PARIS driven code 2.2 = the latest 2.2 DEV code is HERE http://www.flypix.co.uk/shikra/ftp   with and extra bit in the config.h cam stabilisation section
What it does:
  • Tries to smooth out fluctuations (jitter) without the usual negatives of slow response to large changes.
  • When the gimbal is approximately in position, it makes only small changes. Smoothing out spikes and jitter.
  • If there are big changes, it stops the smoothing and uses the real value and restarts smoothing around that if its still stable.
  • It also introduces a deadband to ignore the bulk of jitter
  • It uses an algorithm that is very light on memory. 20% of the current default gimbal smoothing. 10% of the value I typically need to use.
The negatives are:
  • Increasing smoothing values starts to increase stepped changes when the copter is changing angles
  • Full smoothing (value=250) and it creates a slow response (1 second full transition at max smoothing)
Its a balance compromise as always to keep simplicity and fast code
    /* Gimbal smoothing : anti-jitter gimbal smoothing for AP  */
    #define GIMBAL_SMOOTHING          //Uncomment to enable gimbal smoothing 
    #define GS_DEADBAND       5       //PWM Deadband. Within this variation servo output is locked
    #define GS_LIMIT          35      //PWM limit. Above this fluctuation, smoothing is disabled. Higher = more smoothing / but starts to introduce more stepped changes

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