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  • PARIS Sirius™Air HERO•32 r2 - NAZE pcb - aussie Naze r2 - top
  • PARIS Sirius™Air HERO•32 r2 - NAZE pcb - aussie Naze r2 - OSD connectors
  • PARIS Sirius™Air HERO•32 r2 - NAZE pcb - aussie Naze r2 - sonar connection
  • example of sonar connection to HC-SR04 sonar - excludes sonar
  • size comparison of Naze 32 acro to Air Hero32

PARIS Sirius™Air HERO•32 r2 - Aussie NAZE pcb - upgrade part

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49.00 Grams
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Product Description

This is an r2 upgrade pcb part for existing PARIS AIr v2 or Hero•32 to upgrade - contains no bootloader - no code ; users must flash the firmware themselves by shorting the bootloader pins, then connect USB ,  and flashing the "naze " firmware in BASEFLIGHT/CleanFlight using Google CHROME extension


5.0v input to AIR Hero32 r2 on pins 1-4 ; OSD output connectors on pins 5 and 6


Existing Air Hero•32 Features 

Has all the features of Air Hero 32 r1 HERE ; plus the changes below ; users please refer that page for info

changes to Air Hero 32  r2

  1. 6500 MPU sensor
  2. update CP2104 USB chip
  3. boot loader pins/pads moved to centre of PCB
  4. On screen display pads Tx/Rx outputs moved to external pins 5&6 (centre pins) - see photos
  5. Vcc 5v input ONLY on motor ESC 1-4 now (previously on 1-6)
  6. USB now powers RC Rx (lower molex 8 pin red wire) - up to 1 amp or limit of USB port if less
  7. Blue LED moved away from Green LED - easier to see now 
  8. Sonar PADS added to PCB - see example above - connected to HC-SR04 sonar sold HERE
  9. A5 pad added - for rssi - Max 3.3v +
  10. added FT pad - GPIO - future use
  11. LED pad current limit now 1a continuous 


  • Air Hero•32 r2 pcb - 90° header are pre-soldered to the pcb - NO soldering to fly
  • RC cable 8 pins
  • RC cable 3 pins



  • excludes bootloader or firmware ( no software) - users can install the software of their choice - select NAZE
  • warning - naked PCB are vunerable to STATIC - users must ground their tools and hands when handling - for expert EE
  • excludes 2 parts CNC metal inertial vibration isolation case - full version metal case is HERE

Question - How do i know which version of AIR Hero•32 i have without opening up my case? Answer = if the blue and green LED on power up are together (near 32) then its a AIR Hero•32 r1  ; or if the Blue and green LED are on opposite sides left/right on power up - then its an Air Hero•32 r2


Question - How do I load the bootloader and firmware on a PARIS Sirius™ AIR HERO•32 ?     Answer = first launch BaseFLight (extension in Chrome) - then click "Firmware Flasher" - select  a stable version for Naze , press load firmware online - tick No Reboot Sequence & also tick Full Chip Erase ; then short together the two pins marked BOOT and keep holding the paperclip on the pads with your left hand - connect USB (pads MUST remain shorted still) - while you press FLASH FIRMWARE - keep holding pads shorted - after firmware has flashed (progress bar) you can remove the paperclip.   You can now load all future firmware without the boot pads closed - such as loading Cleanflight or betaFlight


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