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  • MN1806 T-Motor 2300kv -spare part BE016 - Bearings Set of 2 AU NZ USA
  • MN1806 T-Motor 2300kv -spare part BE016 - Bearings Set of 2 AU NZ USA

MN1806 T-Motor 2300kvz -spare part BE016 - Bearings Set of 2

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Product Description

these are genuine T-Motor OEM BEARINGS replacement parts BE016 for 2300kv Navigator MN1806 motors  (be careful of fakes from other sources) - Some people ask why they have to replace bearings? the answer is that if you take off and land in dust /sand/dirt then abrasive particle enter the bearings and wear them prematurely - the secret to long life bearings is to takeoff and land from a mat/box/rooftop or ; once you are advanced - from your own hand  (ALWAYS wear eye protection!  We NEVER fly without PPE)


  • 2 x MN1806 Motor bearings set as per photos

Installing bearings - remove the circlip and release the shaft/bell ; tap the old bearings out with hex tool via the centre; apply a drop of oil to the case before inserting the new bearing ; to assemble reverse the procedure.



  • Excludes tools
  • Excludes 1806 motor
  • Excludes training - see YouTube

Motor care and set-up 

  • apply 1 small drop of Oil/INOX silicon electrical lube to bearings every 3 hrs with a syringe & dulled-down-needle ; use new clean motor - wipe away excess
  • DO NOT pull on the lead wires - not ever - nothing good comes from breaking wires internally
  • Before pushing the GBC gold connectors into the ESC put one drop of inox Lube in the female ESC connector - INOX is the best for this HERE
  • Do NOT bend lead wires back and forth - risk breaking
  • Use short M2*5mm screws - long screws will go in too far and CUT the windings !!! - risk - cutting insulation
My motor suddenly stutters - was ok before? - Cut throttle - don't fly - Motors won't just stop by magic unless they are damaged/wiring compromised by mis-use
  1. Motors are wound Delta - so each GBC has a pair of 2 inner wires ; most likely one has been broken-pulled-bent internally if the wrong (too long) screws did not cut the windings 
  2. use a DMM  http://www.multiwiicopter.com/products/uni-t-pen-sized-dmm
  3. check the internal resistance Ω between all 3 input wires - 2 at a time - 3 readings should be identical 0.150Ω - what do you get Ω?
  4. check to see if a lead wire has been broken - pulled - snapped off inside - visually look in
  5. check to see if your lead wires & GBC are compromised - check you have not bent/snapped the ESC outlets off

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