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Carbonbird 2206 225w Race Spec-R Motor 2212kv Scarab Knife

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Product Description

USD27.50 -  special USD21.50 - limited time

wow - 
 these new mini quad motors from Carbonbird™ are designed for racing speeds and torque - 225w burst  -  with a thick 3.0mm centre shaft and a re-inforced case design with good ventilation for prop cooling.  Comes std with 50mm wires and 2.0mm GBC for compatibility with CarbonBird ESC such as the 12a(3s) or if pulling higher amps from a 60C lipo then either 18a(4s) or 22a(5s) ESC (see specs below when planning props vs amps vs cooling)



  • KV 2212
  • Configuration 12N14P
  • Stator Diameter 22mm*6mm
  • PA Shaft Length 12mm (for prop and 9mm ø red nut) = 8mm for prop boss
  • Shaft Diameter 3mm - PA shaft M5
  • Motor Dimensions(Dia.*Len) Φ27×19mm bell (motor 26mm height including Prop shaftPA)
  • Motor Mounting - 16mm Ø M3  (also has - 19mm Ø M3 - not used for Knife)
  • Motor weight - no pa = 31g
  • total Weight (g) 35.8g with prop nut fitted and PA, and 2 mount screws included, so total weight without prop =35.8g)
  • ldle current(10)@12v(A) 0.7A
  • No.of Cells(Lipo) 3S on 6" prop  ; (can be run with 4S on a 5" prop - check Amp limits below)
  • Max continuous current 10Amp 10sec 
  • Max burst current(A) 30Sec 18A 225W motor
  • Max. efficiency current (2-8A)>83%
  • internal resistance 0.150 Ω

Notes for Amps

  • Recommended ESC is 18a(4s) HERE ; or 22amps (5s) HERE for 4s 6*4.5 prop ; can also be flown with a 12a ESC HERE if using either 3s or on 4s a 5x4 prop provided cooling is sufficient - please study the props/amps/watts ->  test chart below 
  • Can be fitted to original Knife 270 by drilling-out the 16mmØ holes in booms to 3.0mm - 2 screws ; M3*6 need per motor
  • Note when installing bigger, heavier more powerful motors you need to increase "P" value approx 65% for pitch and Roll.



  • 1 x Carbonbird 2212kv mini-Motor ;50mm wires ; 2.0mm GBC
  • 1 x PA Prop adapter - 4*M2 screws
  • 1 x M5 Nyloc nut RED 
  • 2 x SS M3*6 screws for motor mount to 3mm Knife booms


  • Excludes props - see chart below for prop planning - recommended prop is the HQ 6*4.5 thin tip HERE on 3s
  • Excludes damage caused by impact ; or user error
  • Excludes damage from over-current (high amps) ; or over temp - use a heat gun and ensure that with the prop and airflow that sufficient cooling exists for maintaining a stable temp <60°C
  • Excludes training

Note : see photos  

Motor care and set-up 

  • Lubrication - apply 1 small drop of Oil to bearings every 3 hrs with a syringe & dulled-down-needle ; use 20W50 new clean motor oil
  • DO NOT pull on the lead wires - not ever
  • Before pushing the GBC gold connectors into the ESC put one drop of inox Lube in the female ESC connector - INOX is the best for this HERE
  • Do NOT bend lead wires back and forth - risk breaking
  • Use short M3*5mm screws - long screws will go in too far and CUT the windings !!! - risk - cutting insulation
  • Avoid hard impacts / Striking the motors - sudden impact can damage a motor if dropped / impacted /crashed - the magnets may be damaged / loosened 
My motor suddenly stutters - was ok before? - Cut throttle - don't fly - Motors/ESC won't just stop by magic unless they are damaged/wiring compromised by mis-use
  1. Motors are wound Delta - so each GBC has a pair of 2 small inner wires ; most likely one thread has been broken-pulled-bent internally if the wrong (too long) screws did not cut the windings 
  2. use a DMM  http://www.multiwiicopter.com/products/uni-t-pen-sized-dmm
  3. check the internal resistance Ω between all 3 input wires - 2 at a time - 3 readings should be identical 0.150Ω - what do you get Ω?
  4. check to see if a lead wire has been broken - pulled - snapped off inside - visually look in
  5. Noobs often mistake a motor problem for what is actually a broken ESC - physical damage to the ESC from man-force/crashing - make sure you have not broken your ESC
In some instances people have damaged their motors by letting FOD enter, something ferrous/magnetic get sucked inside by magnetic attraction force, from their work bench - then when they spin it up with the FOD spinning around inside  :(   (foreign object - damage) thereby cut the windings - be very careful with FOD

QUESTION - One of my motors stops before the others on shut down? How can i adjust it?

the shaft depth can be set any time in a few secs - this controls the friction setting - by varying the distance slightly between the circlip end and the grub screws (2)

a slight difference in friction has no real effect on flying - but can be set any time if needed
  1. leave the motor connected to the copter - prop and all
  2. - use a 0.05" hex tool - undo the 2 black grubs 1 turn  CCW - 
  3. loosen the axial play of the bell by 1/1000" (freeplay) - pull the bell slightly out toward the prop 
  4. re-tighten the 2 grub screws.



Excludes Prop - Study the thrust data below - recommended props are the HQProp 5x4 ; or the HQProp 6x4.5 ; 5x4x3 also works well - choice of props depends on Total weight.  If you want this motor to perform best keep your Quad under the weights in the Quad column for 50% throttle. Remove weight. Becafeful not to over prop or exceed amp limits above.

Excludes tools - a 9mm socket wrench/spanner is recommended to tighten the red nyloc nut ; grub screw 0.05" hex tool (only required for full dis-assembly)

Excludes training - if you don't understand brushless motors - then read the above - seek training in RC from a training organisation

Prop Data - Note if running 4S BLHeli damped Lite - be sure to set DeMag to high



1 year return to Carbonbird factory - Warranty specifically excludes damage caused by crash, or exceeding max temp/amps limits , incorrect use of tools, incorrect pulling/breaking of lead-in wires, mis-use or poor lubrication of bearings* - claims for factory warranty require return of the product to us - at buyers shipping expense, for inspection - the decision of returns inspector is final.  



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Product Reviews

  1. There is not a higher rating than 5?

    Posted by Breck Nolen on 9th Oct 2015


    Along with the Opto 18a ESC's, this motor and 6045 props, the acceleration and braking of this motor is the best I have ever flown. I own a Knife Black edition and it flys great, but this thing with this setup is SO LOCKED IN and fast it is unbelievable. BEST UPGRADE ON THIS SITE!!!!

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