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  • Minum OSD micro for PARIS Hero32 - mini kv osd - AU - top side
  • Minum OSD micro for PARIS Hero32 - mini kv osd - AU - lower side ; keep MAX chip cool
  • wires - these are the wires supplied - however we recommend MUCH small thinner wires (not included)
  • example of Minum OSD KV mini - customer's wiring to install with AIR HERO•32

Minum OSD micro for PARIS Hero32

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Product Description

mini kv osd for Naze AIR Hero32mini kv osd - For Cleanflight or betaflight Pilots wanting to connect OSD to their PARIS AIR Hero•32 - this small pcb needs careful soldering by skilled person (user)  - New pilots should be aware that osd data can be extremely distracting and should be set to "hide" mode on a switch via RC programming by the user (code activated) - This device runs on the same OSD code written by SHIKRA-UK as PARIS v5r3 Here and can be programmed using the PARIS hacker chip Here

For instruction on programming and setup see the PARIS v5r3 page here

For soldering connections see the photo at right 




  • Mini KV OSD (max chip OSD) board - see photo this page - for CleanFLight/Betaflight FPV DIY
  • wires as per photo 
  • 1 x heat shrink - clear (small not fitted)



Excludes requires

  • Requires soldering by the user - see diagram at right for DIY
  • Is pre-programmed (but not with the latest firmware) - try it first then add new firmware AFTER successful OSD is established - the latest firmware is linked below
  • excludes FTDI hacker board IF you decide to update - otherwise run "as supplied"


 Scarab OSD R1.4 - always run as supplied FIRST - then do any updates later

How to use the iOSD GUI  ?   - Answer = it's easy to access this iOSD setup screen in your ground station, if you want to make changes -  
You can either : - 
a) use your Futaba/Taranis Transmitter to make changes live via your Tx sticks and viewing your Ground Station screen
 (the usual way to do it)
 Whilst dis-armed ( the first time take your Props off incase you mis-manage the process - if motors start, you messed up)
  1. Set your throttle to mid point ; first - keeping it at 50% throttle -then
  2. yaw right & pitch the cyclic full forward
  3. You will now enter the live set-up mode (you will be at screen 1, PID’s)
  4.     • You can exit at any time, without saving any changes, by putting throttle to minimum
        • To move between pages, yaw left or right
        • To ‘tab’ up or down between fields on a page, pitch forward or back
        • When on a field, yaw left or right to change values
        • To save changes, pitch back until the cursor is on the bottom line, pitch left to ‘save and exit’, then yaw right to action the ‘save’
  5. BE SURE NOT TO EXIT BY MISTAKE AND ARM THE COPTER - take your props OFF the first time - to be sure you understand this can only be done safely - > WHEN DIS-ARMED.
; or b) make changes on your PC/Mac with the hacker card (not recommended because you have to disconnect all ESC, disconnect your Bluetooth, disconnect the serial (3) plug and connect a hacker USB) - we recommend the RC Tx method above
The PC /Mac method follows below - paris-iosd-usb-uart-2581b.jpg
In your miniOSD the pre-loaded Scarab OSD software is Open-source and we have specifically edited the values to suit our hybrid 5v minum+ hardware - there is a separate GUI for alterations to iOSD - to fly you do NOT need to initially make any changes within this iOSD-GUI or even run it - not even once - unless you want to change PAL->NTSC for example, as the OSD is pre-loaded into the PARIs v5 Mega iOSD ; The iOSD GUI is different GUI to the PARIS hero CleanFlight GUI -  rather go fly first - then make changes later - All changes are at your own risk ; changes are done with an optional FTDi devices HERE.  wires - Be very careful to solder using small fine and flexible wires as undue forces on the pcb pads will rip the pads OFF.  to make any code changes - the HERO32 will have to be disconnected at the hacker attaches to the same holes - If using an older red FTDI then Connect it temporarily (with the DTR pin as well) - for the hack the interrupt button does the trick -  OSD GUI - download it from HERE - install 32bit version even if your PC is 64 bit.  To run the iOSD gui we recommend to disconnect all the motor ESC control wires, camera and Video Tx from PARISv5 first.
Launch the KVTeam OSD GUI - for details please watch the video below. - light blue switches are "on" in the left position - "off" to the right side position.
You can change the PAL-NTSC or NTSC->PAL via the iOSD GUI itself - flick the switch over then press "WRITE"
For people who have the older red style FTDi -> use a micro usb cable - SEE photos above for correct pins setup
For people who don't have an FTDi (and don't want to save changes live on their ground station)  be sure to purchase the New "hacker" FTDi here - is very easy to use - instruction on that products page
Replacing or changing the iOSD code - Experts only - If you choose to alter or re-load the iosd Sketch first disconnect the ESC control wires from PARIS, disconnect Video in/out  (and BEC if fitted) only the Hacker will be connected when re-coding the OSD CPU - The OSD R1.3 or 1.4 Sketch file is HERE and this code is loaded with Arduino 1.0.6 
We recommend to use the hacker ftdi and hold down the interrupt whilst compiling - release precisely when it says "loading" (within 0.5secs - for this you need to disconnect the ESC's) - you will then see both red/green leds flickering on the "hacker".
If using a red ftdi - remove the GND pin and insert it back in when it says "loading"
Experts only - If you need to reload the font for whatever reason, it is here
  1. Question Why is my OSD only showing a plain black screen on Ch  - Answer- you have the camera and the Video Tx plug into each other's pins port - the Camera goes in the top pins with yellow towards the middle of the PARIS - The video Tx below that
  2. Question Why is my IOSD data displaying on/over a black background? - Answer - Most likely you are running a 5v Fatshark/immersion system mixed with a 12v CarbonBird camera.  The camera is not receiving 12v - The PARIS v5 iOSD pins pass thru the voltage Vcc on the centre red wire - for mixed voltage systems you need to power each Red Vcc separately. Be careful not to send 12v to a GoPro !!!
  3. Question I see a picture from the FPV camera - but nothing from the OSD data? - Answer - The default setting is for a 60 fps NTSC camera - if you have a 50 fps PAL camera you need to change it in the GUI to PAL.  The other possibility is dirty voltage - the Scarab OSD is designed to run on 5.0v from ESCs - we have tested it with all carbonbird ESC.  the MAX chip is NOT compatible with 5.4v switching uBECs.  The recommeded switching 5.0v quality uBEC is HERE

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