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  • Cell Meter / LiPo Balancer / Watt Power Meter for DJI inspire / phantom
  • Cell Meter / LiPo Balancer / Watt Power Meter for DJI
  • Cell Meter / LiPo Balancer / Watt Power Meter for DJI
  • Cell Meter / LiPo Balancer / Watt Power Meter for DJI
  • Cell Meter / LiPo Balancer / Watt Power Meter for DJI

Cell Meter / LiPo Balancer / Watt Power Meter for DJI inspire

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Product Description

bantam-e-station-two-meter-0304.jpgFor commercial users of DJI Phantom and DJI inspire - these meters can be soldered/XT60 "Inline" via the Power DC  cable - some skill to ensure polarity is not reversed - ie by EE's to give accurate power mah readings - keeping track of dji batteries capacity for battery logbooks - call us for info 07 5598 3999

- Do you know how much power your Quad pulls in the hover? No ?  Ok so this is what we use for that - A WATT meter is used to get definative power flow data in AMPS used for any given flight of a Multicopter (Volts x Amps = WATTS) - Simply place it inline between the Battery and the Battery connector - go out and hover and come back.  then fly again and do some peak power climbs - come back and check it again.  It will record the peak values.  What we really like about this version is it has a built in Cell balancer - so without needing any kind of power in the field you can connect it to a LiPo and wait for it to balance that LiPo and beep - so easy - it will warn of a LiPo imbalance in a pre-flight check too - then do soething about it for you - none of our other Cell meters can do BOTH.   It also has an onboard uSEC generator so it will also control an ESC for you - if your doing power tests on a bench rig.   It then shuts off.  Very useful for finding out power consumption of FPV gear ; Radios ; and just about anything that runs on 7.2v or more - can also be used to compare 4 motors individually etc.     When your not doing that - we use it to balance up any LiPos.


  • Includes Cell meter/Watts Meter with Bonus XT60 connectors pre-soldered - Plug-n-play
  • Includes external balance board and wires for 2S - > 6S
  • Includes a printed user manual - or download the online manuel HERE



  • Excludes power logging - Only records peak values 
  • Excludes LiPo - draws power from the battery it is connect to - does not have any other power source - must be 7.2v or less than 60v



We recommend to disconnect it when not being used - although it uses very little power (20ma) in its off state - but will eventually if left connected for days on end damage the lipo


 Input Power  max. 60V DC
 Max. current
 ( Watt-meter)
 Min. operating voltage  7.2V DC
 Power consumption 
 (Battery checker)
 approx. 20mA
 Battery checker  2~6S  LiXX Voltages / Fuel guage
 Servo Drive  900 ~ 1500 ~ 2100 us
 ESC Drive  Opto / BEC, manual drive
 Weight  120 g
 Dimension  110 x 60 x 23 mm

TWO-METER features precise resistors. It has three functions of ‘watt-meter’,  ‘battery checker’ and self-balancer. Those functions are essential for electric flyers to ensure safe battery condition and to measure the electric  consumptions of the power system. And also, the built-in self-balancer can equalize the individual voltages instantly.  TWO-METER  can handle all types of Lithium batteries(LiPo, LiIo, LiFe) consisting of  serial-wired cells, but the battery pack has to have a balancing plug for  checking voltages.

 Watt-meter  program
 The  Watt-meter circuit can measure the electric current up to 100A. You can  verify the electric consumptions on your power system. You can drive the ESC without radio and receiver, using integrated signal generator.

 Battery  checker
 TWO-METER  can show you the voltage and residual capacity of your Lithium battery pack  with its individual voltage of each cells.

 Integrated self-balancer
TWO-METER has an integrated self-balancing circuit which is self-operative without  linking to charger. When you connect the battery pack to the individual  port of the device the balancing job will be started instantly. In this  case the individual cell voltages will be equalised to the lowest cell voltage  of the battery pack.

Servo Drive / Test
TWO-METER has a integrated signal generator to drive the servo. In 'Watt' menu, you can control the servo by increments or decrements of signal. To drive the servo, a battery pack of 4.8V is necessary in connection of Y-harness.



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