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  • Best uBEC for iNav Servos fixed wing ops

iNav uBEC 3S-6S 5.0v 3a switching regulator for Servos OPTO ESCs - Black

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Product Description

This is our HERO uBEC for CarbonBird iNav servo pilots - handling 3s- 6s LiPos - outputs 5.00v @ 3amps - the voltage of this uBEC unit at 5.0v is optimised for a mix of SERVOS and CPU's - almost all other uBEC are designed for analogue RC planes and helicopters and they output 5.4v which is too high for OSD chips and for computerised flight controller CPUs used in multicopter like PARIS Sirius AIR3 - this switching uBEC outputs 5.00v and is efficient and is specifically made to power Electronic CPU intensive drones / planes


1 x   uBEC 3s->6s LiPo input - 5.0v output @ 3amps - size as per photo - Requires soldering

Note : remove the orange wire (lift tab and pull away pin) - the signal wire is not used for AIR3 ; if inserting into AIR3 cut away the Futaba style fin on the tab next to the orange wire ; the plug is insert into AIR3 with brown (GND) wire down; Red wire centre ; Orange wire removed.

MultiWiicopter.com Pro Tips to understanding Multiple ESC setups in Parallel

Question -What is an OPTO ESC? - How is it different to a BEC or uBEC ESC? Answer - Opto ESCs only have one function and that is to control a 3 phase brushless motor.  However BEC or uBEC ESCs have a daughter board (usually one entire side of the ESC which reduces voltage down to 5.4v for single engine RC planes.  When a multicopter is flown and 4 ESCs with BECs are connected (red wires) then problems arise from "ganging" these ESCs 5.4v BECs in parallel. see below

Question - One of my BEC ESC is hotter than the others, even on the ground - Why? Answer = This is normal when 4 linear voltage regs are connected in parallel for one to get hotter and rising from 35°C or 45°C up to stable 55°C- the important thing is is the temp remains stable NOT rising in what called thermal-run-away - to find out, use a heat-gun - check you have a high grade thermal pad making contact to the non-label side - the principle of a thermal pad = by shedding heat to a larger surface area temperature will stabilise (same principle as a car radiator)- as long as the hot ESC is <65°C and not rising, it is normal & OK ; However if the ESC exceeds 70°C-then it could possibly be in run away (not enough heat can be shed, and ESC will eventually cut out at 125°C when the thermal protection of the 7805 Reg cut in to prevent risk of fire).  If you have one very hot ESC in ground test before maiden =  >60°C and rising you can elect to disconnect/cut the RED wire of that ESC, or the 3 ESC's with the least cooling air and run on one BEC alone (one ESC with best cooling airflow position has its red wire connected) ; or you can disconnect all RED wires and use a separate uBEC HERE above this product (switching Regulator) provided it has smooth 5.00v power.  In most instances in small Quad, one BEC (one with red remaining) is a sensible strategy after programming and throttle learning is completed.  However on a Quad with a gimbal, Hex or an Octa its best to use a clean 5.00v uBEC and OPTO ESCs (all Red wires disconnected after programming and throttle learning is completed).

Question - Where should i install this? Place it at least 80mm away from any other device (ESC or PARIS CPU or GPS/MAG) and pay great attention to supply integrity - if any of these wires disconnect in flight (come loose) then you aircraft will immediately crash out of control as the CPU will have no power - We recommend soldering ALL wires if possible - if using the push connector also use inox to prevent pin corrosion in salt environments.  Route all wires away from SENSOR wires like GPS/MAG and RC Rx

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  1. As Advertised

    Posted by Bill on 16th Nov 2017

    Received this as part of a package of things I bought.. Installed as per the instructions and was happy as everything works great...

    would recommend this uBEC to everyone..

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