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  • iNav-OSD for AIR3 USA EU Australia
  • iNav-OSD for AIR3 USA EU Australia
  • iNav-OSD for AIR3 USA EU Australia
  • Servo layout iNav-OSD for AIR3 USA EU Australia

iNav-OSD for AIR3

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Product Description

iNav OSD - This is the OSD for iNav designed to be connected to Sirius™ Air3 OSD pins - plug(solder) and play.  changes can be made with "sticks". Comes preloaded and iNav ready.

 Be aware that other OSD claiming to be "better" because they are integrated into a PDB or FC and often riddled with RFI noise and are inferior   

Whereas - these iNav OSD are Designed to be separated for the clearest possible picture in FPV Ops


1 x  OSD for iNav as per photo - Note : FPV Tx power wires requires some soldering 

Follow the diagram below to connect AIR3 and OSD. 



Note 1 - Pay attention to the voltage on the Red wires.  The Video in/out red wires are direct pass-thru ; so these should run at the voltage SAFE for your Camera and Tx - most modern cameras such as HS1177 or HS1195 can handle voltages in a range from 7.4v to 35v - but check first - then connect one of these reds to the LiPo.  
Note 2 - Carefully connect the other side (5pin black/red/yellow/green/white) Vcc RED to 5v (max) only and the Yellow/Green plugs to the AIR mid row at 5&6 as shown above. If you ever connect USB to air - these must be temporary removed or unplugged at the OSD side 5pin connector to allow USB to share UART1.
Note 3 - Position the OSD 75mm away from the ESC, Vtx, RC Rx or datalinks - keep wires twisted.
Note 4 - Notice how in the drawing all transmit and receive antenna devices are placed FAR APART on the foam plane.  This will ensure best range
Note 5 - Twist signal data lines, servo lines, FPV camera and VTx wires, ESC signal etc with a GND wire to reduce signal injection.
Note 6 - To make changes to settings such as changing feet to metres - disconnect USB -   (Before arming hold MID THRO ; RIGHT YAW ; CYCLIC FORWARD to enter menu and setting of all features)
Note 7 - Keep Aux4 (RC channel 8) free as this has been pre-configured for turning the OSD on or off with a 3 position switch




iNav-OSD Connection 

Downloads - Supplied with firmware version 1.7.2 pre-installed - for future updates, to update iNav-OSD OSD you can download via the Chrome MWOSD extension 

  • FYI - If you decide to upgrade firmware (not essential ) The MaxChip OSD will not tolerate poor/low 5v voltages - pls CHECK YOUR USB Cable - many cheaper mini USB cables use very thin copper and only transfer 4.5v (not 5.0v as they should do) - low voltages in MWOSD manifest with fonts , such as nil or partial font uploaded in MWOSD 

  (Before arming disconnect USB - hold MID THRO ; RIGHT YAW ; CYCLIC FORWARD to enter menu and setting of all features)


Question - I don't see the OSD overlay - just video picture ? Answer = This is usually when the FPV camera you are using has some type of built-in OSD "feature" and even when off these OSD signals block the MINUMOSD signal  - to test just unplug the camera where NO OSD is seen, and if you now see a black screen now with OSD-data ; that confirms your particular camera is not compatible  - We have tested ALL cameras sold by us on our site here - and they ALL work PNP.

Question - I only see a smooth black picture, no OSD no video image ? Answer = Check that your Camera and FPV Tx 3 pin plugs and not swapped over.

Question - How do i update the mini-iNav-OSD MWOSD in future,  firmware ?  Answer = You will need the FTDI/USB ; 1. disconnect the 4 pin data plug from the front of the OSD going to AIR3 ; 2. Connect the FTDI-USB ; both share UART1 - so these CANNOT be pysically connected at the same time.  This is never an issue as when flying USB is not connected - and changes can be made with "Tx Sticks" anyway.

you Need an online connection

  • GUI must be disconnected. press disconnect
  • Select com port
  • Click Flash
  • Click Select
  • Choose version you want for iNav-OSD - SELECT Minum OSD firmware board type
  • Click load online hex firmware
  • Click Flash FW
  • press the Hacker RESET button briefly whilst its saying "waiting for bootloader RESET" 

For iNav-OSD, press RESET button whilst its saying waiting for bootloader RESET

Question - i see NO DATA in my MWOSD screen display? what does that mean? Answer = "no data" means the OSD Chip is not communicating with the the CPU Chip - so usually this means you have not connected the Tx/Rx wires correctly (yellow/green wires) - remember Rx goes to Tx and Tx goes to Rx.  Also make sure the UI  has telemetry enabled.  on AIR2 and AIR3 the OSD UART1 is shared with USB - so while doing iNav (or BF) on the ground the OSD will not function. Like wise in the air while flying USB is not connected so UART1 is the perfect port for OSD.



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