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  • best iNav F3 board with M8N GPS / Compass - Quad-X  Sirius™ AIR3 in AU NZ USA EU
  • iNav connection wiring diagram to Sirius™ AIR3 F3 board with M8N GPS / Compass  , AU NZ USA EU
  • best iNav F3 board with M8N GPS / Compass - Quad-X  Sirius™ AIR3 in AU NZ USA EU
  • best iNav F3 board with M8N GPS / Compass - Tricopter/Avatar  Sirius™ AIR3 in AU NZ USA EU
  • best iNav F3 board with M8N GPS / Compass - Quad-X  Sirius™ AIR3 in AU NZ USA EU
  • best iNav F3 board with M8N GPS / Compass - Multicopter engine numbers - inav -   Sirius™ AIR3 in AU NZ USA EU
  • optional DIY GPS "Short wires" Hack - for small Quads we removed the long GPS/Compass wires and replaced them with these shorter wires - Twisted
  • iNav magnetic declination chart - for Quads, tricopter or Avatar.  Red numbers are positive.

iNav Sirius™ AIR3 F3 with M8N GPS / Compass - Quad-X FPV with full GPS Lock & RTLand

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Product Description

iNav Sirius™ AIR3  F3 SPI - Quad-X (or Tricopter/Avatar) FPV Mission version, includes optimised M8N GPS / Compass - iNav 1.6.1 is the newest 2017 codebase to cater for incredible GPS lock, altitude Hold, stabilised flight, navigation, return to land with better than dji accuracy and uses a Google Chrome Extension UI, making it easy to connect, adjust and customise settings from your Mac or PC  laptop using USB.  Importantly for FPV Sirius™ AIR3 iNAV features OSD Tx/Rx pins externally to provide data to a MWOSD Minum such as Andromeda.  The M8N GPS firmware has been specifically coded by us for iNav to suit both southern hemisphere and northern users. inav-logo.jpg

 Sirius™ Air3 + GPS Hardware Features

  • AIR3 features a full inertial damping polycarbonate/CNC Aluminium base case, three internal LED's including GPS locked LED pulsing RED = home point recorded -  Riding on the GEL base are full suite of Sensors SPI MPU6500 Gyro/SPI Bosch 280 Acc/SPI Bosch BMP280 Baro/ M8N GPS optimised for iNAV / i2c 5883 Compass Mag (mag not used for fixed wing as heading is derived from the GPS) ; 19g including metal/Polycarbonate case @47x32x18mm
  • Full M8N GPs / Compass plug play - Optimised firmware for iNAV AU, NZ, USA, EU - This GPS in this form is unbelievably accurate - 25cm RTL results ; superfast start - typically finds 16-19 Sats in AU skies ; 15g @ 45mm Ø
  • For Quad-X or Tricopter/Avatar with GPS and OSD data Output
  • 3 uARTs for GPS/Sbus or PPM/OSD and USB

iNav 1.6.1 Software

  1. comes pre-coded with iNav 1.6.1 for Quad-X. Our flight tested PIDs are already installed ;
  2. download iNav from the Google Chrome store HERE

Features we like about iNav 1.6.1 software

  1. Inertial based system - incredibly accurate --  with stable BARO calculations gives sub-metre accuracy - the included GPS typically finds 16-19 Sats even in Australia and is very fast to acquire, around 35 secs cold, instant acquire after battery exchange.  AIR3 will flash the red in 3/sec once the home point is recorded/locked.
  2. Amazing Fast GPS start- 30secs from cold and 20cm Return to Land ability - rock solid GPS Loiter -> After power up wait for AIR3 RED LED to pulse then ARM ; once beyond 20m switch to Failsafe RTL
  3. A new "curve" based TPA which reduces gyro sensitivity at high throttle settings  
  4. Return to loiter or land as per your settings for failsafe - We recommend to program your FrSky Rx to FAILSAFE mode preset (press X4R or X8R button with this mode action) as opposed to RTH - see here for details  and also HERE
  5. Highly capable iNav Dev Team led by DigitalEntity DE here ; with monthly development cycles planned - We are a full sponsor of iNav - true believers in it's future - you can help HERE


  • Includes firmware optimised M8N GPS  + Compass module - plug-n-play ready ; 300mm lead wire
  • Includes Sirius™ AIR3 pre-coded with iNAV 1.6.1 - tested by us - plug-n-play ready
  • Includes Sbus wire for 16 Channels (we recommend a Max of 95% for Sbus Channels - this means don't set channels to 110 or 120% - only 95% or less)
  • Includes older style, Rx multi wire connector - this restricts the inputs to THRO, AILER, ELEV, RUDD , Aux 1 and Aux2 - useful if you have older Rx without Sbus
  • Includes i2c MAG used in current 1.6.1 (BlueGreen connectors to M5/M6 see photo)  best-ubec-for-inav-servos.jpg


Excludes /Recommended


Training on iNav setup






iNAV USB Port connection - be sure the port selected is the USB port  PC=Comm or ; Mac OSX = /dev/cuSLAB_USB - set speed to 115200 baud 

iNAV Accelerometer Calibration (SETUP TAB)  Calibrate button must be clicked 6 times for INERTIAL - so each time the AIR3 must be be in the 6 sequence different of assigned positions - hold until it shows completed in the log (USB arrow = front)  1. top of case up towards sky ; 2. flip upside down ; 3. on right side ; 4. with nose-up ; 5. on left side ; 6. with nose-down


iNAV Compass Calibration (only used for multicopters Quads,Avatar or Tricopters in iNAV - see SET UP TAB ; Note that fixed wing can only fly forward so heading is derived from GPS data in All iNAV fixed wings) - For Quads - after pressing calibrate mag rotate the AIR3/Quad with GPS/Compass pod fitted by 360° in 3 axis X, Y and Z within 30 secs


Team CarbonBird™ iNAV FAQ © Frequently Asked Questions, and Answers

Where is the "Front" of the GPS/Compass? Answer = GPS has no front as such, but the compass is located inside the pod - the front is by default the wire-exit-side - so if you face the wires exit to East - the UI will show 90°. CW 270° flip.

Compass Position and Calibration is that essential? Answer = YES absolutely critical - The compass must be located 75mm away from ESCs, 75mm away from FPV Cam & Tx and wires which are not shielded - must be twisted. Mount the compass first (on velcro or 3M tape) then build the entire Quad and remove props - but be sure to connect the LiPo - then do Compass Calibration in UI SETUP tab.  in 30 secs rotate Quad 360° in X, Y and Z ; then goto Configuration TAB and enter your Magnetic Declination for your flying location based on the chart below (Red numbers are +ve and blue numbers are -ve)


Do i need to put my GPS on a lollypop stick?  Answer = No - absolutely NOT - this is a myth started by people whose airframes are poorly conceived, full of vibration, RMI and RFI - We STRONGLY recommend you twist then route clear of servos, ESCs and the GPS lead  "Wires" and pod >75mm away from other devices like ESC, OSD, FPV cams, uBECs, motor wires and LiPo wires.  The GPS works in conjunction with a compass (in quads) and its usually the compass which is spiking due to RMI. However RFI can also be accidentally "injected" into un-twisted signal wires, such as GPS wires or I2C wires, creating very high signal/noise ratios in poor builds which ignore our wire routing advice above.  Whilst a stick might comply with the 75mm clear rule on a mini drone, it's a last resort - in mini Quads also ensure NAV wires are very carefully routed and twisted/shielded.  Best to twist wires with GND wire.

iNav Failsafe - Should i set Failsafe on my Rx or in iNav? Answer = Failsafe is a MODE setting in MODES tab of UI - If you have a digital Rx like X4R or X8R you should be sure to use and assign FAILSAFE rather than RTH as a mode in MODES tab; then in FAILSAFE TAB of UI - choose your preferred Failsafe action such as return to Land ; Take your prop off - and walk about 10-15m away from home point to test failsafe is working the way you expect when you turn the Taranis OFF/ON again  Be aware :-

  • Setting "failsafe_kill_switch = ON" will disarm you machine instantly when FAILSAFE mode is activated.
  • Failsafe will disarm instantly if your throttle was low for more than 10 seconds (default).
  • Failsafe RTH won't activate on airplanes when machine is closer that 5m (default) to home.
  • Failsafe RTH won't activate on airplanes without compass if prior to that there was no motion faster than 3 m/s (to acquire heading).
  • Failsafe will stay active after signal recovery until you move your Roll/Pitch stick.

How do i SAVE my iNAV settings after i made custom changes - What if i want to roll back to a setting from a few days ago? I want these as backups for later, or to send to a friend?  Answer = This is called a "CLi dump". with your Sirius™ AIR3 connected by USB goto the CLi Tab ; at the bottom type dump , return ; the screen will fill with data ; Use your mouse to select all the text ; COPY it - Create a folder on your PC/Mac ; Open a blank TextEdit Doc (plain text doc) ; Paste all the data into the blank text .txt file - (delete the top line "entering cli mode...) ; save each file with a smart name to allow Roll-back.    Later when you want to restore a Sirius AIR3 - goto the CLi TAB and paste all this "dump" text ; Return ; once it's finished scrolling down ; type SAVE - the AIR3 is now fully restored to the Roll-back data.

How do i see whats "Different" about my iNav settings ? Answer = in CLi TAB ; type diff or diff all       Diff all can also be used to backup to a text file but be sure not to include the defaults line at the top, only the rest


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