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  • Lithium battery charger - iMax B610AC 200 watt 10Amp - AC/DC digital for LiPo Australia NZ
  • battery Charger with built in Power supply - for LiPo - Drones - AU NZ
  • Lithium battery charger - iMax B610AC 200 watt 10Amp - AC/DC digital for LiPo
  • Lithium battery charger - iMax B610AC 200 watt 10Amp - AC/DC digital for LiPo
  • Lithium battery charger - iMax B610AC 200 watt 10Amp - AC/DC digital for LiPo
  • Lithium battery charger - iMax B610AC 200 watt 10Amp - AC/DC digital for LiPo
  • Lithium battery charger - iMax B610AC 200 watt 10Amp - AC/DC digital for LiPo
  • Lithium battery charger - iMax B610AC 200 watt 10Amp - AC/DC digital for LiPo
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Lithium battery charger - iMax B610AC 200 watt 10Amp - AC/DC digital for LiPo

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Product Description

This an all-in-one iMax B610 AC Charger with a built in AC power supply 200w - AC/DC for LiPo batteries charging up to 10Amp for 3, 4 or even 5 cells (9amps for 6 cells) - (this unit can use a mains Power point when used at home - or a 12v car battery in the field) The Imax chargers have been around the RC industry for many years and we have used them ourselves with no issues at all - it is an iMax quality item @ a budget price - it features a very large finned heatsink and strong cooling fans - dont be fooled by other 50w or 80w chargers which cannot actually sustain a 10amp charge on a 4 cell LiPo like this 200w unit can do!!  Most of the time we charge at 5 amps for longer battery life on a 4S4000 but occasionally you need to re-charge fast and this charger can handle 10amps becuase it has a large internal power supply, good coolings fins and fans !


  • Operating voltage range Power supply built in  : Input: AC 100~240V 50~60Hz, internal output: DC 14V 16A (Max: 220W);
  • Charge Circuit power: max. 200W (charging); Max. 25W (discharging);
  • Charge current range: 0.1~10.0A;
  • Discharge current range: 0.1~5.0 A;
  • Current drain for balancing Lipo: 200mAh/cell;
  • Nicd / NIMH battery cell count: 1~18 cells;
  • Lithium Polymer - LiPo - battery cell count: 1~6 series;
  • Pb battery voltage: 2~24V
  • Charging Cell Type Others,Ni-MH,NiCd,Lithium Ion
  • Built-in Protected Circuit Yes
  • Output Voltage 2~24V
  • Max. Output Current 10A - typical charge is 1C or 2C
  • Fast Charging Function Yes - not recommended, use balance charge mode always.
  • back lit LCD Screen Yes
  • Auto Circuit Detection Yes
  • Indicator Charging display
  • Over Voltage Protection Yes
  • Short-Circuit Protection Yes
  • Over-Charging Protection Yes
  • Over-Discharging Protection Yes
  • Dimensions 5.63 in x 5.87 in x 1.65 in (14.3 cm x 14.9 cm x 4.2 cm)
  • Weight 46 oz (1376 g)

User Manual - you can download the user manual here if you misplace your printed manual that comes in the box

Includes in the box

  • 1 x iMax B610 AC LiPo balance charger (with 1.5 x 4cm display screen)
  • 1 x balance board - external (much safer than an internal board alone)
  • 1 x Temp sensor probe - be sure to go into settings menu and set this function to "on" and the cut off to 40°C
  • 1 x XT60 output charge cable
  • 1 x XT60/crocodile clip with connecting cables
  • 1 x XT60/JST cable adapter
  • 1 x XT60/JR RC cable adapter
  • 1 x Deans/DC input Charger cable (croc clips for car battery supply to charger use)
  • 1 x 3 pin AC intput power cord AU/NZ Connecting cable for mains power - Warning !!  BE SURE TO SET THE AC SWITCH to 220v or 110v for your region !!! Setting the wrong voltage will void the warranty - you must select 220v for AU/NZ - you must select 110v for USA.
  • 1 x English user manual - printed booklet in the box - you must read this booklet before charging a LiPo.
  • Ensure the charger is kept well ventilated, totally dry, away from water or wet areas when used, free from condesation and away from excess humidity >80%.  The ideal environment is an air-conditioned workshop.  Never operate Lithium battery chargers near combustible materials or in motel rooms !! see warnings below.




  • Requires a detailed knowledge of the safety precautions - see manual and see below WARNINGS !

Application - where to use it?

  • Locate the power supply on a dry flame-proof work bench made from non-conductive insulating material.  Do not use on on near curtans, carpets or car seats or in dusty or wet areas.
  • Connect to an earth leakage protected power supply point
  • Once connected please remain in the immediate proximity (3m)  to ALL charging ops and use the right arrow to monitor the cells window - NEVER walk away from a battery charging station in progress - in the event of any problem the power source switch must be accessible on the wall socket so the unit can be turned off / un-plugged
Carries a 12 months manufacturers repair warranty - Orignal item must be returned to us in AU at customers expense.  Excludes other than normal safe and careful use.  Excludes tampering (you opened it up), moisture damage, fusion, overload, reversed connection, incorrect setting for 110v/220v, corrosion damage or modification.
WARNING! -  You must set LiPo Balance mode for Multicopter batteries !!!  - This is what happened to a customer who risked using another hobby shop brand of charger without proper LiPo safety monitoring systems in that charger such as accurate cell balance and without thermal cutoff protection and without a fire-proof fibreglass LiPo bag.  Used and SET correctly, the operator in direct attended -  LiPos and chargers are safe - used incorrectly or left un-attented you risk extreme result if you make a mistake and walk away !!! they will burn at 700°C if over charged or set to the wrong mode!! Double check it says the CORRECT NUMBER of cells and LiPO. Never buy a charger from a store where they dont ACTUALLY use the product themselves on a daily basis. Other charger will wreck ALL your LiPos from poor firmware and poor balance resistors.
WARNING !  NEVER set the wrong battery type - triple check it says LiPo for LiPo battery charging or discharging -  if you set NiCad then attach a Lithium LiPo you will start a big fire if the charge voltage exceed 4.2v !- it will happen if set wrongly!  Check 4.2v is the max and then the 4.2v will flash to show balance draining of that cell whilst lower cells are still charging - Check everything - don't risk your home or family  - even with this charger - so double check the settings are correct - stay in the room and always attach the temp cut off probe as a double safety - we set the cut off temp to 40°C on ours - do the same for your when you set it up!!! 
STORAGE - store all LiPo at 3.8v per cell - You must store all LiPo at 3.85v per cell to prevent Puffing - do not be tempted to do long term storage (more than 24 hours) at full charge (4.2v per cell ) will cause a LiPo to loose capacity and puff !
CHARGING - Always balance charge to 4.2v per cell for LiPo - Charge at 1C = long life . example a 3000mah LiPo -> charge at 3.0amps -
WARNING !  - Charging a LiPo battery above 4.2v per cell can cause a FIRE !  - YOU must stay and monitor the charging process of all LiPo directly and ensure the max voltage of 4.2 is not exceeded.  Read the Lipo battery label carefully.
DISCHARGE - do NOT discharge cells below 3v LiPo 

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