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FPV Nasa 1969 antenna 5.8Ghz Rx - 12dB Helical 8 turns right hand - ground side Directional

Shipping Weight:
148.00 Grams
Maximum Purchase:
3 unit(s)
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Product Description

These new NASA 1969 Helicals FPV long range 5.8Ghz Rx antenna work VERY well - don't waste your FPV budget on OTT branded blah blah antenna for hipsters - RF Engineers make antenna thoery as complicated as possible so they seem mysterious, yet dont publish photos of their own gear in use? In the field testing these flying - We were astonished by the quality of the signal from THIS NEW HELICAL for the price - besides, Helical antenna were first seen in public with NASA tracking the Lunar Program ships of Gemini and Apollo 1969 - check ur oldies movies - re-invented for FPV recently pffft - perfect for Goggles or Ground Station Receivers on ground side receiving weak signals from an FPV aircaft far away in a known direction! 


  • 8 turn right-hand helical   5.8Ghz video receive antenna for Goggles or for Ground Station
  • Bend-n-stay flex mount (the flex joint is not super stiff - bend n stay )
  • Gain = 12 db
  • Beam =  18° degrees
  • RP-SMA female pin gold plated connector
  • check the photos to see gender  (included)
  • weight - 22grams - super lite for goggles !
  • size = 100x35x35mm
user note 1 ; CARE : if flying in corrosive salty or humid environments user is advised to coat with clear laquer spray from a hardware shop - non conductive acrylic or enamel spray to prevent copper corrosion.
user note 2 : DONT BEND backwards and forwards sharply  ; if the bend the flex mount repeatedly you risk fatigue cracking the copper internally - we recommend to bend and stay - dont bend it backward and forwards ! 
RANGE : Range is dependant on a) direct LOS un-obstructed - b) humidity c)rain d)Tx and Rx frequency accuracy lock e)Transmitter power f)interference devices in proximity to Tx and Rx antenna g) Quality/accuracy of the Video gear itself h) will not transmit or receive thru a person or a person head 


  • 1 x Helical NASA 1969 - FPV directional antenna as per photo
  • 1 x flex mount 75mm - Red - stiffer bend-n-stay type - note RP-SMA gender in photos


  • Excludes Video Receiver and Rx wiring
  • Excludes other gender changer if needed for your application
  • Excludes Video Googles and; or 7" Video monitor
  • Excludes airside Tx antenna 
  • Excludes training or replies to seriousy weird people who emerge from nowhere to talk endlessly about antenna -  1969 boys, nothing new - Please use YouTube or Google - get ready for some magic mushroom conversations like no other


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Product Reviews

  1. Fantastic antenna for the price

    Posted by clint ligthart-schenk on 6th Sep 2016

    I have been using this antenna and getting fantastic results. I think it is really amazing for the price. I have other antennas that cost me about $100 that are no better. I also received a free velcro battery strap as a gift so thanks to the guys at Multiwii for that.
    I am very impressed with their service.
    I made a purchase from another company called XtremeHobby in Queensland and am still waiting 5 months later!

    So it has been fantastic to deal with a company LIKE MWC that cares, Thanks guys (0:

  2. great antenna

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Nov 2015

    Thought I'd try a nasa directional antenna
    Compared it to my spironet.
    This nasa directional antenna out performed the spironet.
    I was quite impressed - good price.
    I'm going to get another for sure.

  3. 1KM Long Outback Airstrip Test

    Posted by Paul Waghorn on 12th Jul 2015

    Tried this NASA helical out at an outback 1 km long airstrip on my goggles.
    Flew low level all the way to the end and back no problems. Here is my video http://youtu.be/f8d2cYqtR9Y

  4. High Performance Antenna

    Posted by Andrew on 19th Jan 2015

    If you're looking to get longer range out of your FPV setup don't be fooled by people saying that you need a better vtx, as most of the time you can double your range by changing the Antenna on your ground station. Thats what I have done with this antenna. It gives great quality video reception. It is well made and the flexible adapter allows you to point it in the direction you're flying and it stays there. Highly recommend.

  5. A very cheap way to really increase your range

    Posted by Martin Ward on 29th Dec 2014

    Nice, well made product. Works very well and still gets excellent reception up to 40degrees to the side. I have now tested this out to 630m - with my goggles running this and a 4 bladed cloverleaf the reception was just as good as it is at 50m. I'm sure the range is even further but I'm reluctant to fly further over the neighbours dairy farm even though I have permission.

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