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FrSky GPS-v2 Smart Port - telemetry GPS data

Shipping Weight:
77.00 Grams
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Product Description

This is the NEW FrSky v2 Smart Port GPS for Taranis X8R users to log GPS data via telemetry such as position, speed, distance and altitude (it does not act a GPS-coupled navigation  RTH device - it only sends data to the Tx/pilot - the pilot decides what to do with this info himself) - Its does not send data to the iOSD  - It sends data back to the Tx only - Its particularly handy for "lost aircraft situations" providing a Ground Station option for location logging,  becuase the user can code his FrSky Taranis Tx to log the data to a .xls file on the MicroSD card - and even assign that function to switch - or install a bigger microSDcard and have it on all the time.  So after an aircaft is lost - you can then view the Taranis card and find the last known position - or if the crashed aircaft/GPS is on and is still in radio range - the crash location.  Its also useful to look at this data "live" if you want it "called out" by the Taranis.
Mounting: Up /Sky mount position = Antenna must face UP ->  cannot be covered by carbon or copper.


Specifications of GPS sensor (V2) 
Interface: S.PORT 
Operational Voltage: DC 4 -10 V 
Weight: 11.3g
Current Draw: 80mA @5V 
Sensitivity: -160dBm
Operating Temperature Range: -40℃~85℃
Date Rate: 1Hz 
Antenna: Built-in patch
Time to fix: 30s cold
Speed Accuracy: Approx 0.1m/s 
Position Accuracy: Approx 2.5m CEP
Dimensions: 40mm*20mm*9mm(L x W x H)
Operation Limits: Dynamics 4g /Altitude 50,000m /Velocity 500m/s
Compatibility: FrSky Smart Port enabled receivers, such as X8R, X6R, X4R

The GPS should be mounted with Velcro in your model so that the "UP" side is facing toward the sky. 

The default ID = 04 - can be changed with a servo channel changer sold HERE ; See LED flashing sequence meaning below - table
Make sure your Taranis has the latest firmware installed to access GPS data - link to Taranis/X8R users firmware updates is HERE

FrSky GPS Sensor (V2) - feeds variable directional information such as: Altitude, position, speed, and UTC time etc., which is displayed in real time on FrSky Transmitter or telemetry dashboard (DHT-U/FLD-02/FSD etc.).


1 x GPS sensor

1 x servo wire - male->male 300mm


Excludes Receiver - must be a SMART Port receiver from FrSky

Excludes set-up in Taranis telemetry window - not includedd - user must set up/active the sensor to see a result




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