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  • FPV Goggles - CarbonBird 845x480 BLACK widescreen diversity- front camera (Skyzone) with dual 90° antenna included australia NZ - with dual high gain antenna included
  • FPV Goggles - CarbonBird 845x480 BLACK widescreen diversity- front camera (Skyzone) with dual 90° antenna AU australia
  • FPV Goggles - CarbonBird 845x480 BLACK widescreen diversity- front camera (Skyzone) with dual 90° antenna NZ
  • FPV Goggles - CarbonBird 845x480 BLACK widescreen diversity- front camera (Skyzone) with dual 90° antenna USA
  • FPV Goggles - Skyzone 845x480 BLACK widescreen diversity- front camera (Skyzone) with dual 90° antenna included
  • FPV Goggles skyzone 845x480 BLACK widescreen diversity- front camera (Skyzone) with dual 90° antenna included
  • FPV Goggles skyzone 845x480 BLACK widescreen diversity- front camera (Skyzone) with dual 90° antenna included AU NZ
  • FPV Goggles skyzone 845x480 BLACK widescreen diversity- front camera (Skyzone) with dual 90° antenna included USA
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FPV Goggles - CarbonBird 845x480 Black, WIDESCREEN diversity- front camera (Skyzone)

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Product Description

Retail USD399 - now only USD249 "including high gain omni antennas" on clearance while stock lasts - The super SHARP Wide Carbonbird™ FPV Pro-Goggles WIDE Screen (Skyzone) as used by Scarab Pro-Pilots at the 2016 AU Nationals - Black Satin finish - Dual diversity Rx - Front Camera - 32 Ch
- these are the best / Sharpest WIDESCREEN diversity Goggles - MWC recommends to use with a 2.8mm or 2.1mm lens on the drone air-side


  • new shape black silicon masks - 2D dual WIDER LCD screens 854 x 480 pixel
  • Very clear sharp optics compared to fatshark
  • Onboard 32ch 5.8Ghz Receiver - 100% compatible with our Multiwiicopter, DJI and all Chinese  5.8 ghz FPV kits frequencies
  • FRONT mounted camera - allows you to look at your Tx or check the scene with the press of the left side button
  • Onboard Futaba head tracker function - (for expert FPV pilots) When flying on full AUTOPILOT such as PARIS LEVEL mode or DJI GPS/Atti modes - allows you to use a pantilt (not included) servo based FPV camera - this function is NOT suitable for Noobs
  • These Goggles are compatible with 32 mainstream FPV 5.8Ghz frequencies as used by DJI, CarbonBird, SkyZone, Foxeer etc  see user manual below


  • Includes 2 x 5.8Ghz Skew Planar 4 bladed Rx antenna - CarbonBird brand  - VERY good antenna - set them to different angles - one up one tilted to get a good signal when passing overhead too.
  • Includes 2 x 90° male to male SMA adapters for use with above Clovers
  • Includes zip Case - Scarab Pilot logo
  • Includes cables for power ; FPV in or out if required ; Futaba square head tracker cable - goggles->Futaba Tx ; Includes alternate 5.8 Dipole stick antennas
  • CarbonBird FPV Goggles user manual - Below

TIP : when setting up the goggles with your Video Tx - use a friend on a cell phone each side - 100-200m away and check all the channels - Set the Tx - then go thru the  Channels buttons on the goggles quicky on 5.8band - never setup with the Tx/Rx within less than 10m as channel overlap occurs - swamping  - which may lead you believe your "on-channel" when your not :) - do all setup and testing at least 100m away.

TIP 2 : dont let sunlight burn the LCD - when you take them off, pop them straight into a dark case - it's easy to have people talk to you after landing and all the while - your expensive goggles are getting burned because you took them off and put them down on the chair and the Aussie sun is blazing right into the back lens/lcd !! Noooooo! We strongly recommend you make a 100% first item on the checklist = store gofggles in dark case provided - then chat to mates ....



Excludes LiPo Battery - we recommend either the 3S2200 with/and JST micro plug adapter lead - carry the LiPo in your pocket ; or

Excludes Fatshark headband LiPo 2S - direct plug-n-power solution - be aware these small FShark batteries can be a RISK as they are low capacity and when exhausted your googles will suddenly turn OFF without warning - black screen - meaning you must immediately lift the goggles and fly your drone by direct LOS - line of sight - becuase of this problem - we recommend you consider adding a JST lead (this hack DIY EE only) and use a larger LiPo in the shirt pocket  - WARNING do NOT leave power connected after flying -  Your LiPo can be permanently damaged/drained by residual current draw in goggles) always remove the power plug after use - check the battery immediately with a cell meter and restore the voltage back to 3.8v per cell for storage - Disconnected !!!


Requires/Excludes & Tips for FPV/LOS

We are very experienced Pilots, RC Pilots, and manufacturers of Multicopters - our MultiWii Pro tip -> Use of FPV goggles requires the Pilot maintains visual Line-of-sight LOS with the aircraft in AU at all times - this means you need to wear the goggles with a gap at the top so you can look/glance eyes up and see the aircraft all the time in plain view - This is actually much easier and much better than attaching/wearing them very tightly. the reason is you keep your balance and can stand or sit without feeling like your falling over ; Have 100% situational awareness ; can maintain 100% safety distances of 30m from persons and see the take off and landing before transitioning to/from forward flight Ops.  Goggles are 2D - if your a complete noob your going to find the first flights quite difficult - we recommend you get a friend to fly and wear the goggles to get used to them and judge height, speed and distance to obstacles.  5.8Ghz radio waves dont travel thru obstacles - like your head or other people - they dont travel thru trees or behind buildings.  Make sure your failsafe is fully programmed for a safe RTH function.


Care & Warranty 7 Day DOA return  ; and 6 months normal use  - repacement/repair for factory faults under normal careful hobby use.  Be sure not to drop/rip these LCD screen goggles off your head onto hard ground ! WARNING Be sure that direct sunlight NEVER shines into the back OPTICS of the goggles and burns the LCD ! - LCD is broken down and yellow blubs will appear from sunburn damage afer a few days - Drop-damage or sunburnt LCD is NOT covered by warranty - or have a cable attached and try to walk away !  - sudden impact/fall like this can damage the LCD inside and is NOT covered for impact mis-use.  Warranty covers normal use and taking care to treat these as a sensative electronic TV device.  Damaged caused by impact, carelessness, overheating from excessive exposure to sun or thermal shock, short circuit, dropped damage, impact, sharp object scratching, dust, dirt, rain, snow, slovents, chemicals, salty ocean air corrosion or moisture will not be covered.  goggles must be stored in a cool dry place away from moisture,salt or high humidity.  Warranty excludes damage to the mask in the event that the mask or the headband has been cut by sharp objects.  Warranty excludes rubbing, marking, scratching to the expternal finish of the product from use.


User manual 

Built-in 5.8Ghz Dual Diversity Receiver and Dual Antenna port can receive 2 different channels at the same time and automatically for best reception. It working in diversity mode to achieve good signal utilization and improve the image quality.


It supports 4 Bands and total 32channels (Bands selection and Resulting Frequencies see details in Specifications


Rx Bands Setup

  • Long Press Button "BAND" to setup the Bands. Different beeps refer to different Bands.

  • It'll return to normal working mode after 1 short beep if there is no operation within 3 secs.



Receiver Channel

1 short beep

Band 1

2 short beep

Band 2

3 short beep

Band 3

4 short beep

Band 4


Channel Setup

  • Short Press Button "CH" to select from CH1 to CH8. Different beeps refer to different channels.



Receiver Channel

1 short beep


2 short beep


3 short beep


4 short beep


5 short beep


6 short beep


7 short beep


8 short beep



Head Tracker

PPM Channel Setup

  • Press and Hold Button "HT", then connect power to enter Head Tracker Setup Menu (Release the button as

  • soon as powered). Head Tracker will beep indicating the current PPM Channel. See details below.

  • Short Press "HT" Button to select different PPM Channels. Long Press the button to enter Pan Tracking Range setting mode.



PPM Channel

1 short beep

Pan CH5,Tilt CH6 (Factory default)

2 short beep

Pan CH5,Tilt CH7

3 short beep

Pan CH5,Tilt CH8

4 short beep

Pan CH6,Tilt CH7

5 short beep

Pan CH6,Tilt CH8

6 short beep

Pan CH7,Tilt CH8

Pan Tracking Range Setting

  • 1 long beep refers to 90 degrees, 2 long beeps refer to 180 degrees

  • Short Press "HT" button to change the working Range with corresponding beep

  • Long press "HT" to return (with 1 short beep) PPM channel setup mode.

Please disconnect the power after setup and then reconnect to enter normal working mode.

Short press "HT" button is ok to setup head tracker into Center position while working.

Front Camera

  • The Front Camera is Wide-Angle Camera with 680X480(VGA) Resolution and good low Illumination. It's very convenient to view around without taking off the Goggles.

  • Press "Camera" button to open the Front Camera.


  • Each boot is automatically set to the lowest volume to avoid sudden loud boot.

  • A long beep indicates that you have reached the MAX or MIN Volume. .

Display Setup

Interpupillary distanceIPDAdjustable

  • Pull the IPD Adjuster to adjust the interpupillary distance

Brightness/ contrast settings

  • It's easy to setup the Brightness/Contrast with the 5-direction switch. Short press is to adjust gradually,  long press is to adjust continuously. It will auto saved if there is no operation within 5 secs.

  • Press Center button to adjust Brightness/Contrast to factory default.


AV input

  • The goggles support AV IN. The wireless model will close when the AV IN is connected.

  • The Front Camera is ok for use under AV IN mode.

AV output

  • Div. AV Out is the diversity Video and Audio output

  • Earphone port is audio output for connecting earphones.




Binocular Display


30 degrees (Diagonal)


854X480(WVGA), 1,229,760 color sub-pixels



Inter-pupillary distanceIPD

60-68mm Adjustable




Wireless Receiver

ISM 5.8GHz 32 Channel, Diversity receiver.


CH 1














































Antenna port

2 X SMA,50ohm

Video Standard


Video output level

1.0Vp-p Typ / 75ohm

Audio output level

1.0Vp-p Typ / 10Kohm


Front Camera


120 degrees (Diagonal)







Head Tracker


Magnetic, Inertial and gyro


PPM 8 channel, Optional 5-6CH,5-7CH,5-8CH,6-7CH,6-8CH,7-8CH


AV Port

Div. AV OUT(3.5mm4P)

Diversity VideoAudio output

EAR OUT(3.5mm3P)

32Ω/75mW or 16Ω/105mW, With volume control

AV IN(3.5mm4P)

VideoAudio input


Power Supply


DC 728V/ 1A

Power Consumption

12V input: 4.3W


168(L)X92.5(W)X41(H)mm (Not include prominent part)



Operating Temperature


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