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  • FPV Goggles - FatShark - Base SD - combo with Pro-digital scanning Rx 5.8Ghz - AU NZ
  • FPV Goggles - FatShark - Base SD - combo with Pro-digital scanning Rx 5.8Ghz - AU NZ
  • FPV Goggles - FatShark - Base SD 640x480 pixel - AU NZ
  • FPV Goggles - FatShark - Base SD 640x480 pixel - Tethered
  • FPV Goggles - FatShark - Base SD 640x480 pixel - Canada
  • FPV Goggles - FatShark - Base SD 640x480 pixel - Tethered
  • FPV Goggles - FatShark - Base SD 640x480 pixel - Tethered
  • FPV Goggles - FatShark - Base SD 640x480 pixel - Tethered
  • FPV 5.8Ghz Frequency vs channels bands conversion chart - for dummies - colour blocks show best channels for "group" flying - Note = Raceband NOT used by this device.

FPV Goggles - FATSHARK™ - Base SD 640x480 - Tethered - Long Range digital Scanning Rx - combo

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Product Description

Fatshark tethered goggles for FPV - + now INCLUDES a USD50 value Pro-Digital Scanning 5.8Ghz Rx / 3dbi gain omni antenna - full plug-n-play

Tethering Goggles are a very smart/Good thing because

a) these FATSHARK goggles are incredible VALUE - bang for buck !
b) these FATSHARK goggles are MUCH lighter on your head - bigger expensive fancy wireless goggles are much heavier, hurt your face and also have a heavy battery on your head - these dont have any weight and no battery on your head - cool
c) INCLUDES a PRO-level Digital scanning LED Freq Rx with for much longer range for clear unbroken fpv feed, positioned 2-3m above ground (1.5m above your head level) & above other friends, spectators milling around you too (as opposed to wireless goggles which have issues of blocking if people are around you) these separate digital scanning Rx don't have that signal loss risk - and are amazing with 3 times the range for clear FPV video simply by being that extra 1.5m higher above your head level.  
d) they are frequency independent - comes with a 5.8Rx - but just change Rx to use any other bands like 900 or 1.2   - not limited to any one frequency band Rx in future if needed.
e) For FPV the Sun in AU or USA in summer can be serious for sunburn ; in winter cold no hoodie or hat = serious chill factors for FPV pilots ...  - but With these - a single soft cable going down at 90° - you can wear a full brim sun hat over these goggles ; or a beanie ; or a hoodie, or sit in your 4WD SUV and have your Rx antenna outside on the SUV roof - Hats or proximity to vehicles is a big problem for more expensive wireless goggles with short antenna getting in the way or getting blocked - this is a major advantage to tethered goggles like these BASE SD
f) you can use a larger battery without that weight being on your head - and without worrying about loosing power from a small battery used in wireless goggles during a flight too - the signal / power wires just run in on the single thin tether line.  You can attach the other stuff well away from you.
g) some of the worlds hottest FPV pilots skills wise use or learnt on these FATSHARK BASE goggles because the FOV is perfect at 35° - wider than other brands

Yes these FATSHARK BASE SD has  a smaller profile and are the lightest video goggles ! (110g) .  The controls (top joystick button) = brightness/contrast joystick.  The new 35 degree FOV display strikes a balance between large screen immersion and compact pixel density clarity.  These BASE SD feature the same polarized backlight tech from more expensive models to display for great colors and has adjustable eye width called IPD for dialing in the optic sweet spot - distance between your eyes - it does not have correction - lens can be obtained for diopter but take 4 weeks on special order. 

Question - Are Fatshark the best/sharpest goggles ?  - Answer - look Fatshark is one of the original brands in FPV, but we don't want to talk them up too much - all the cables , plugs, eye cups and screens are solid - the optics are good in the centre when set up with the joystick - but not amazing for commercial photographers used to multi-thousand dollar red-line glass lenses and optics - Fatshark fanboys love their Fatsharks because of their wide FPV FOV - if your not sure, don't expect DSLR quality or clarity OK - these are wide angle plastic lenses - fair go -  there is some chromatic aberration (rainbow at the edges of high contrast) and barrel distortion going on also at the edges - however the centre is sharp & clear where you should be looking forward going fast in FPV -  for the low price, they are well respected by the CORE.  It is important to set the contrast/brightness joystick correctly and then move the IPD to match your face so that you look thru the centre of each plastic lens.  Any googles take a certain amount of getting used-too.  It's about the fast-flying-action natural FPV feel  - which they do have - yes.   Fatshark BASE have IDP adjustment - YES - so you can align the lens to the centre of your eyes - yes.

Question - Surely its pointless having tethered Googles? - Answer = No, Actually the reverse is true - when you are immersed in the goggles world - you cannot walk or move at all anyway  - most FPV pilots sit down or they fall over, some lean or tilt their heads even sitting slumped in a chair (these goggles are un-effected by this at the antenna is high above you) -  these work VERY well in conjunction with this top end Rx being separate and actually give far better 3x range when the Rx is elevated.  By connecting these goggles to this dedicated digital Rx , powering both off a single LiPo - they also last much longer - The Rx remembers the last channel - and if signal is lost will hold that channel for it to come back, too. Full channel hold - NO BLUESCREENING - NO CHANNEL loss - so these BASE GoggleS+Rx are actually more effective by far. 

FPV Goggles - FatShark - Base SD - combo with Pro-digital scanning Rx 5.8Ghz - AU NZ


  • Includes lightest weight FATSHARK BASE SD FPV goggle - black
  • Includes digital scanning LED freq Receiver - see photo - 32Ch A,B,E,F bands 
  • Includes 90° High gain omni Antenna  
  • Includes 3m Power JST 3s 12v input /AV cable  - elevated at 3m above ground this Rx will achieve 3x range of a headset Rx
  • Includes optional battery adapter if needed - XT60 ->JST cable (for 3s power)
  • Includes Zipper carry case
  • Includes Lens cleaner cloth
  • Includes FatShark Decals

Headset Specs

  • Optics: FOV (field of view): 35°diagonal (Image size: 1.3m @ 2m)
  • Interpupillary (IPD) distance: 59 – 69 mm (adjustable)
  • Supports optional diopter lens inserts: -2, -4, -6 dpt (NOT included)
  • Audio: Stereo (requires adjustable volume earphone accessory - not included)
  • User Controls: Contrast/brightness control
  • Electrical: Power supply: 7 - 13.2 V (2S or 3S supply only)  - WARNING - DO NOT CONNECT 4s !!!
  • Power consumption (@7.4V nominal): 150mA 
  • Display: Full colour LCD LED backlit binocular display (640 X 480 VGA) NTCS/PAL auto selecting
  • Weight: 120g
Digital scanning ProReceiver Specs SKY-32S
  • Fast digital Scanning with LED display
  • Power Input: 12V (3s Lipo Battery)
  • Dimension: 75X 65 X15mm
  • Modulation: AM
  • Working Current: 200mA
  • Antenna Gain: 3dB
  • Video Format: NTSC/PAL Auto switching
  • Weight: 80g
  • 5.8Ghz 32 Channels Digital Display
  • 1 button Auto Search all 32 channels
  • 2 Channel AV output

Goggles Interface - outlets

  • Futaba Square 6pin AV in port (Vin, GND, Aud-R, Aud-L, Vid)
  • 3.5mm stereo earphone port


  • Excludes and requires small 3S 12v battery HERE 
  • Warranty Excludes drop-damage
  • Warranty Excludes damage from Direct sunlight entering the rear Eye-Cups - Please note never allow sunlight to burn the LCD display - keep in the black case at all times to ensure long life - like immediately you take them off your head - put them back in the black case and zip it up - :)
  • Note - this Rx is NOT compatible with some Fatshark Tx's (Fatshark Tx are over priced propriety nonsense best avoided) - but is compatible with ALL other FPV brands, all Chinese brands and is 100% compatible with DJI & all CARBONBIRD Txs


User Manual

The FatShark BASE SD User Manual is here



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Product Reviews

  1. Best value for money goggles

    Posted by Shikra - Gary M on 24th Mar 2015

    Bag yourself a bargain and don't overlook these excellent goggles..

    The latest Fatshark goggles are getting all the attention and all the marketing hype and these time served and well developed models are getting totally overlooked.

    Take advantage and get yourself 95% of the optical quality of the newer models at a whole lot less of a

    Forget the advertising fluff. Just remember...
    35° FOV.
    Quality kopin modules
    Same ipd adjustment capability
    Same support for diopters
    Same fatshark quality

    These are just ideal for those who want:
    Best value for money goggles.
    Anyone on a tight budget.
    New entrants who don't want the cheap goggles you know will be a waste of money.
    Ideal for a second set for "passengers".
    Ideal backup set in case your high end expensive HD models fail. (I so remember how long it took for a warranty repair....)

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