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FPV Freerider racing SIM flight simulator for Knife/Taranis

Shipping Weight:
535.00 Grams
Maximum Purchase:
1 unit(s)

Product Description

fpv-freeride-scarab-knife.jpg We dont make this flight SIM called "FPVFreerider" ourselves, this SIM is made by John Holmval in Sweden - but we love flying it on rainy days or at night - we have tested it with our trusty Taranis RC radio connected directly via a normal USB cable on PC Win7 laptop , USB on a Mac OSX Yosemite with 4k 30" and also on android tablet with an OTG adapter cable - all worked well - fast detailed and smooth graphics - realistic performance if setup as per below -   so we  now include both Mac OSX and PC/Android TARANIS "models" setup with Taranis Sold by US to our customers (effective 18/5/2015) - Perfect for Scarab Knife HERE - To buy the program and support John Holmvall the full version can be purchased online for USD5 (Mac and PC) and the Android version is avaiable in the google PLAY store for USD4 separately

Mac OSX flight simulators are hard to find and this one FPV FreeRider is very good for FPV - unbelievable for five dollars US !  and connect directly to a Taranis or Taranis Plus via USB cable !

it is the best FPV mini Quad flight simulator to develop skills in ACRO mode - perfect for DJI Phantom operators wanting to move-up and gain real "pilot" skills - both LOS and FPV

We recommend you first download the FREE versions first to try it - and make sure you understand what it is and if you like it.


How to setup FPVFreerider with FrSky Taranis (or Taranis Plus)

  1. Download and install the FPV Freerider demo on your Mac or PC Win7 (or android tablet)
  2. Select the FPV Freerider (for PC/Android)  ; or FPV Free_OSX for Mac) a MODEL on Taranis MENU pg1/12 - these are both set to SLAVE (no RF transmitted) - if you already purchased a Taranis and need this file - just send us an email with your order number and we can send you our setup files
  3. Turn on the Taranis normally ; THEN connect any USB -> Micro USB cable to the back of the taranis next  ( a longer 2m cable is more comfortable so you can sit square on to your 4K Mac screen) - you will see a small JS icon in the top right of the Taranis LCD
  4. Start the SIM - on the right side select Input=XBox/USB ;; Throttle zero at BOTTOM ;; Dead Zone = off ;; Custom settings (for Knife) = Throttle =40 ; Yaw=2 ; Pitch/Roll=5 ;self level=0.2 ; Cam angle = 13 ; FOV =82° ; Physics Mass=0.5 ; drag=2 ' angular=7 ; gravity=41 ;;; Then SAVE & EXIT
  5. Now for calibration -> press Calibrate controller ; set all sticks to exact centre ; then follow the prompts so LEFT yaw, full throttle, left cyclic, forward cyclic - make sure when moving one stick you hold all other sticks centred then click "OK" each time - you will see the number moving slightly - up and down - after the last press of "OK" it will exit
  6. Select the open areas for you first attempts - Desert or meadow - increase throttle until climbing slightly/slowly then freeze the throttle there ; move the cyclic forward to go forward ; make sure you use a combination of yaw and cyclic to turn - keep the gates in the centre of the screen to fly thru them.  
  7. Select ACRO mode - not self leveling ppfffft
  8. use the spacebar to toggle to FPV or LOS
  9. practice, practice, practice

We did also try it on Mac using the AeroSimRC cable and it worked fine - but USB is cheaper and easier.

If you have problems the boys on the Scarab Club HERE will help you.

UPDATES ; Question ; How do i get the latest tracks and updates ? Answer = You can  download the latest version from the link in the purchase confirmation email you received after payment.

If you own a pair of goggles you can purchase a PC/Mac VGA->video box online and feed the PC signals (see similar products on amazon) to your goggles - we just love it on a bigscreen 4k  Mac OSX - very cool 


the full version can be purchased online for USD5 (Mac and PC) and the Android version is avaiable in the google PLAY store for USD4 separately


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