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  • dji Phantom 2 v3 + H4-3D - Zenmuse Gimbal for GoPro Hero4 Black - Australia AU
  • dji Phantom 2 v3 + H4-3D - Zenmuse Gimbal for GoPro Hero4 Black - Australia NZ
  • dji Phantom 2 v3 + H4-3D - Zenmuse Gimbal for GoPro Hero4 Black - Australia AU
  • dji Phantom 2 v3 + H4-3D Gimbal + dji BackPack included !  - Australia AU

dji Phantom 2 v3 + H4-3D +Backpack ; for GoPro Hero4 Black - Australia

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Product Description


FAST overnight delivery in AU 

Phantom 2 v3  (revision 3 of the v2) - basically fixed the major power issues of the first v2 phantom.

  1. New Faster 2312 Motors
  2. New steeper props 9450
  3. New compass
  4. v2 ESCs
  5. upgraded Transmitter with a) top-left camera tilt - and b) internal lithium battery in Tx  c) the Trainer Port PPM output for Lightbridge future upgrades phantom2-and-backpck.jpg

This a KIT IS ASSEMBLED AND tested by us at MWC - not a toy - requires pilot training. Kit includes dji Phantom 2 + H33D 3 axis + ph3 Backpck as above (excludes GoPro)

STOCK - (We are based on the Gold Coast Australia and this is real AU stock on hand - ships OVERNIGHT inside AU

Hero features of Phantom 2 r3   +H4.3D Kit - Pro's

  • a kit - you must read the warnings and limitations below in regard to RISK - requires assembly by a responsible adult, PC setup and expertise, requires tech expertise in RC drone aviation and electronics - value, first time "film makers" wanting a home movies experience in a small hi-tech 330mm Quad  - an out of the box "it flies/hovers itself" experience - a travel Quad, with Gimbal
  • 3 axis Brushless H34D gimbal system for GoPro4 Black & for GP4 Black  (excludes GoPro camera sold separately) - this gimbal only provides yaw (pan) damping and is NOT able to rotate more than 20° l/r
  • the previous Shortest battery life problems of v1 Phantom now solved with Phantom 2 - Now Flies 10-25mins ; be aware wind will reduce flight time ; Cold will reduce flight time ; stick over-controlling will reduce flight times ; poor battery management and/or poor battery charging priactices will reduxe flight times of Phantom
  • two cool things we noticed dji did that we suggested a while back to them - Bottom LED are now tri-colour capable of replicating the important pilot signals (fixes the 180° limit of the 1.1.1 pilot-signal LED) ; and the stickers for the front can be either red or blue (supplied in box - also pink for girls)  to suit your country preferences (The Germans use Red for front - in AU we use red for rear and blue for front)
Things we don't like so much  - MultiWiiCopter.com Team review
  • No LCD or oLED display on the controller? Seriously? So you have to learn their colour light signals? this is just 1920's - for what is is the controller is mainly empty space inside - Why? just make it smaller.
  • The Camera on the bottom_ Why? will show props in fast forward flight?  Camera should be at the front like all our SCARABS since 2011.
  • A tree will kill it very easily - NOT crash resistant like a SCARAB Knife - PH2 crashes = broken gimbal and camera $500 or more - tree wins ; also does not float? Why not?
  • OEM low C rate battery with built in charge circuit? would be better to have a digital charger with LCD and capacity shown logged.
  • Custom dji-brand-only props with embedded nuts? not really an advancement  - please note! these props Must be tightened fully anyway  
  • Delicate gimbal exposes the GoPro 3 or GoPro4 as is flown/left naked ( a USD500 ACTiON camera when removed (by dji) from it's underwater/crash proof casing - why?) an un-necessary risk of water ingress or crash damage - write off risk -  when the GoPro comes with a housing to prevent and minimise this risk - Poor use of the GoPro's native "Action Camera Low Risk" CASE hero feature - misunderstood by this brand dji
  •   Be aware that GIMBALS are VERY DELICATE and fragile if abused or mis-understood in setup   - Do NOT jamm the gimbal ; do NOT modify the H4•3D GoPro balance point by adding camera filters or taking brackets off ; Check the gimbal is in perfect balance XYZ (does not droop) with GOPro fitted and turned ON BEFORE powering up the phantom - Dont grab the gimbal when live ; don't connect the cables when powered up - all connections must be done with POWER OFF.  If you crash the forces of the crash can bend the gimbal shafts and lead to vibration of the camera even if it looks OK on the outside - but once in the lab the tech will find the shaft is bent and this is NOT covered by warranty.  IF THE GIMBAL VIBRATES - IMMEDIATELY LAND - shut down - TURN POWER OFF, and investigate the cause.
  • Slow 1 hour Charger with no LCD data regarding the charge level and voltages and critically - not capacity data for each LiPo over time?
  • Highly automated - autopilot flies the aircraft, not you - you are a passenger "operator" with limited control - You don't learn to be a pilot because you never get manual control - offers no meaningful experience that can be translated to commercial work later and develops no real pilot skill after day 1
  • Basic white RC radio can be jammed - is not hardened to anti-jamming -  no LCD screen - appears great "value" but high risk RC radio - do not fly in congested 2.4Ghz zones, CBD or close to wireless networks - DO NOT TURN ON GOPRO WIRELESS FUNCTIONS WHICH CAN JAM THIS budget  RADIO - consider getting a Pro radio HERE

What's in the box?

  • Includes aircraft - v2 Phantom - contains a v2 NAZA MC inside - all ESC/Motor and NAZA are internal - AU Southern Hemisphere GPS is internal - pre-assembled and tested then props removed for shipping.
  • includes H43D gimbal  (3 axis) INSTALLED and tested by US at MWC  - fits goPro 3, goPro3+ or GoPro 4   (for 3 or 3+ add a coin to balance it ) 
  • INCLUDES - DJI Semi-rigid ph3 BACKPACK(case) - modified by us to fit the Phantom 2 - this is the same way we ourselves use our phantom 2's - in these Ph3 backpacks... works well.  Al done for you 
  • Includes landing gear with new compass (compass has to be plugged in for the GPS NAV mode to function)
  • Includes internal GPS - NOTE : GPS does not work unless the sky is OPEN above you - so if the horizon is blocked by trees or buildings - you may never get GPS lock, not get a home position or full function in that location - GPS is an aid-to-flying and cannot be relied upon for nav - the operator is responsible for making sure his/her skill level and understanding matches the risk and location chosen to fly.
  • Includes 1 x  dji Ver 2 white RC Transmitter Tx - Consider purchasing a Pro Radio to prevent jamming here
  • Includes 1 x 3S5200 20C LiPo flight battery (internal) - SEE WARNING BELOW - never over-drain the battery to <20% in flight or leave it sitting around flat <25% - it's Capacity will be permanently effected.  You must restore the battery to 50% (2 Green LED) within 3 hours of flying  for max life - then disconnect it from the charger - DO NOT be tempted to charge it fully and put it away - a full charged battery left in the cupboard for a month will loose 70% capacity - ie - the next flight the voltage will dive rapidly after 3 mins instead if 16 mins - so 2 Green LED bars = happy battery - any other storage voltage = RISK !!  from loss of capacity due to poor LiPo battery management practices.
  • Includes a slow dji Charger 110/240v input - 4 amp charge for 3S LiPo - wall socket adapter - approx... 55 mins to charge the LiPo - -> Phantom flight time 15-25 mins depending on altitude and wind and flying style of the owner - lots of pilot inputs , power climbs or high altitude or wind hold consume battery faster
  • Includes 8 self tightening props (4 for flight and 4 spares)
  • includes Quick start printed booklet

What's excluded?

  • This is a KIT for drone  tech people - once airborne it is at risk of collision or fly away if you are not skilled  - requires patience and checking with a checklist , requires Pilot self-training mindset and skill development prior, requires PC interaction skills to check all systems, requires PC skills to update software, requires a background education in aviation RPAS legalities.  The user will have to slowly work thru the DJI manual by himself/herself - we DO NOT INCLUDE FREE TRAINING or SET-UP training with this product - We strongly recommend you download the manual in advance and decide if you can cope with the technical nature of this product - Drones are VERY technical and NOT suited to everybody.  People struggling with set up or flying will need to hire a trainer to help them at their own expense.  You must establish where your knowledge is weak and seek training to up-skill to understand all aspects of drone ops, RISK and SMS.   Users must fully understand RISK and take responsibility for their setup.  For example you can add FPV - yes - requires you open up the drone and connect an FPV Tx and SOLDER WIRES yourself - see diagram at bottom of this page)
  • Excludes insurance - You must insure your drone for RISK with your insurer yourself - you will need 3rd party liability insurance and insurance for loss.
  • Excludes GoPro 4 (or GoPro 3 - balance it with a coin for the weight difference)
  • Excludes FPV gear here (please note FPV is an advanced-user addition - for expert users, NOT for first flights or Noobs - Adding FPV and iOSD requires SOLDERING by the user and purchasing other wires in this store - not included)
  • Excludes Training - 99% of all crashes result from lack of self-training or training - over-confidence leads to crashes.   We recommend you use a flight-simulator with a pro-radio like a Taranis or FUTABA - We recommend new people (noobs) do NOT install their gimbal until they have 20 flights logged without crashing.  We also recommend you learn and fly in ATTi mode - not depend on GPS - GPS can fail and in that event, you must have the skill to take over and fly without it.
  • Requires travel planning - If you want to travel with this on an passenger aircraft - you must declare the Lithium cell at checkin as 57Wattt/hr and carry LiPo in your cabin baggage (electric outlet covered by insulation tape) - declared - you cannot put lithium LiPos in checked undeclared baggage or inside the phantom - a lithium short circuit fire in flight in the cargo hold could result in you downing the airliner ....
  • Requires Risk Management training - Its legally classed as an aircraft - Don't buy this phantom unless you fully understand the RISKs of RC flying - see below - this is NOT a toy - its a drone and requires understanding RISK
  • Requires Windows 7 or 8 to use the PC assistant or Mac OSX
  • LiPo Battery Care - battery terminals should NEVER be exposed to salty air or moisture

    LiPo batteries are permanently affected by over-discharge & then leaving them flat (or Full 100% is also very bad) - so never walk away leaving a flat LiPo in the Phantom for days !! OMG ! - the best performance (by far) is gained by storing them at 50% (2 green LED is BEST) - always avoid the temptation to store a lithium battery at 100% , that's really bad for Lithium long term - for maximum life replenish power to 50% within 2 hrs - store at 50% (2 green bars) - charge the LiPo from 50%->100% just 1 day before use - ALWAYS store at 50% - 2 green bars ;  
    Winter - LiPo battery capacity is effected by COLD and upto 40% capacity can be lost on winter days unless the battery is first "Warmed".

  • NOT SURE what condition the battery is in?   - OK number all your batteries with a pen - then charge them to 100% = 4 green LED - then Do a hover test at 5m and time the flight until the RED leds flash and the Drone lands itself - write this "time" on that battery.  Repeat for all batteries.

Can a phantom do FPV?

No not as supplied - you need to add FPV gear here 

Can I shoot HDVideo out of the box?

No - You must purchase a GoProHero 3 Black ; or Hero3 Black + or GoProHero 4 Black (DOES NOT WORK WITH GP4 Silver due balance difference

Can it shoot still shots?

No - You must purchase a GoProHero 3 Black ; or Hero3 Black + or GP4 Black first

What happens when i crash it?

It will break - the props - the gimbal - the GPS,  the GoPro (or the entire aircraft) can be smashed in a crash - At your own risk -  if you get dis-orientated stay calm - don't panic - Mistakes by you will result in crashes - large mistakes can result in a write off - go to a wide open field away from industrial radio jamming and people - take small steps - stay low at 2m - practice a lot - - ALWAYS WATCH and understand the colour LED signals - they are critical to safe Ops -  don't add anything you see on forums - call us to discuss adding other gear to the aircraft or upgrading the RC Radio

preventing dji Phantom "Fly away" - Why does it happen ?  Myth Busting the dji drone Fly-Away myth - facts

symbol-risk-managment.jpg These so called FLY AWAY events are really split into a) radio-jamming "fly away" events and b) loss of GPS lock from occlusion called "blow-away" incidents where the aircraft travels downwind in atti mode.  Radio Receiver (phantom) Rx antenna receive very weak signals because the transmitters power (only 100mw) is radiated in all directions at once, dispersed and the Rx is only capturing a <0.1mw .  The Receiver antenna ideally would be side ways to the Rx and the  Tx antenna must be sideways to the Phantom.  No energy is received by the pointy end, nor sent out the pointy end of the Tx antenna (its not a gun - never point a Radio Tx antenna at an aircraft because no signals goes out that direction).  The new v2 phantom has 2 * Rx antenna now ! - its vital to tape these two tip - 90° apart - away from the LiPo.  So in situation a) "Fly-away" the ambient airwaves contain competing 2.4Ghz traffic signals for cell phones, GoPro radiation (make sure GoPro Wifi is OFF!), Home Wifi etc all operating on 2.4Ghz not to mention sidebands from FPV gear or gimbals poorly situated on the craft.  Its possible for the included budget USD40 white radio (high risk) to be electronically jammed in some locations (or by your own diy gimbal or your cell phone or your GoPro).  Alway use your PC Assistant to check failsafe is active and working - turn off the radio and observe the "mode-> failsafe" on the bottom left side of the PC screen -  in situation a)When jammed, The Rx never sends the FAILSAFE command to NAZA, so it wont come home (also worsened if you don't have enough Sats or you damaged your GPS antenna etc).  The only way to guard against this is to use a much LOWER RISK Taranis ; and be extremely carefully about previously mentioned on-board jamming from FPV Tx-out airside gear and where (location) you choose to fly.  Another potential fly away issue is where the Radio Tx throttle is not fully calibrated in the PC assistant and checked regularly - this leads to jerky or failed power commands in rare cases (so regularly use MANUAL mode and see if the engines are responding smoothly/proportionally) -  The 2nd situation of phantom "Blow away" , loss of NAV sensors, which is what's happening most of the time - this occurs when you loose GPS military Satellite lock or suffer MAG/Compass loss.  GPS Sats are owned by the US Army and are moving/speeding across the sky rapidly all the time to avoid being shot down in war - so at any moment you can gain or loose sats in view.  Once the NAZA/Phantom autopilot in your plastic quads looses too many Sats it will DROP OUT OF GPS mode and blow away. Both the GPS and the Compass are CRITICAL to navigation - Any disruption to either means end of NAV and your phantom will go downwind. This can me made worse by factors such as 1. you crashed and cracked your GPS antenna internally 2. You are standing under something for shade like a tree blocking Sats  3. You are standing next to a building blocking Sats or a car/railway line or powerlines  causing magnetic issues 4. You pulled the Compass wires out of the compass on the landing gear or you fitted DIY battery next to the compass, or you are flying near powerlines, wind turbines or other EMI emitters which effect the compass/MAG. 5. You are taking off and blasting into the distance before the 2nd wave of Green pulses signals HOME POSITION RECORDED.  So basically the home position was never logged (Just wait patiently for Home LOC signal - then fly) 6. You dont even know what mode you are in? (read the manual and learn the LED colour codes , and watch the LED carefully while flying).  Any Flash RED LED is a serious problem!! . 7. The big Mac-Combo-noob You dont know what mode your in; or just guessing because you never connected it to the PC to check modes and failsafe is working  ; you crashed and cracked your GPS antenna internally ; you loose sats or blocked out sats with trees and buildings ; you never recorded home point or mistook it for something else; you have your GoPro Wifi on ; then you fly too far away pointing your antenna at each other and loose signal; you don't monitor your flight time;  you DIY fitted some other bling stuff you found/saw on a forum ; then oooops = blow away. 8. You get dis-orientated and mistakenly fly away pushing the sticks toward you but the nose is now facing you - you mistakenly thinking you are commanding home, but actually sending it away combined with wind blow away (learn to orientate to the front and practice flying nose in and sideways too)

For both these reasons (above) - You CANNOT DEPEND ON GPS assisted Nav or GPS NAV as a phantom noob - GPS/NAV/MAG is there as an AID to FLYING - a Pilot must FIRST gain sufficient skill to fly the aircraft fully manually(in MANUAL MODE) in the event of loss of Sats or MAG = -> loss of Assisted functionality from the auto-pilot.  If you're not flying in FULL MANUAL - the autopilot is flying it in GPS and ATTi modes - not you - Pilot with low skill are fine - but this is HIGH RISK - so an experienced pilot flying next to you doing the same thing is actually at low risk, by comparison.

Whats the point of adding the gimbal?

The Gimbal holds  the camera level in 2 axis only roll and pitch - the H33D version here also has yaw damping (3rd axis)  - as the aircraft can yaw freely while flying, the "operator" can yaw the camera further - but the actual yaw damping is restricted within the skids - i i.e. any further and you would be filming skids - not sky

I have a new business idea to do real estate video &  still photos with phantom - is that cool?   

(new rules proposed for AU in late 2016 will allow some restricted use <2kg and for Farmers over their own farms - without certification - please call CASA to clarify) - Hobby flying (Phantom) and commercial aerial work are considered different activities under AU laws and also USA laws - no -  You cannot operate a drone in AU,NZ or USA for commercial photography or any aerial work without CASA approval, an OC and your CC (see bottom of wiki page HERE)  If you intend to take photos or video for sale DO NOT BUY THIS AIRCRAFT, until you have contacted CASA.or FAA in USA   Further reading for AU customers is HERE.  Please be aware that we (and you) see the advantages of technology and robotic unmanned aircraft - some Pollies, some Journos  (falsely claiming it to be military tech) and society at large is whipped up by said "journos" to see a Quad as fearsome thing to be severely restricted in your hands- its scary to these nay-sayers and big business wanting to lock out small single man business from the skies  - If your planning commercial Ops be sure to follow all legal limits and set a good example - Most importantly help us lobby the Senate to provide better laws to remove restrictions to small business, real estate photography, Agriculture or mining getting access to UAV and using them without over zealous law making.  Its possible that Small AUV under 2kg might  be class exempt thanks to pressure from our petition members - so please sign it HERE

 So it's RTF in China  - what does that mean in AU skies? Why is called a KIT in AU by the MultiWiicopter team?

This Kit is not RTF = not Ready to Fly - reason we say that is that aviation is NOT a consumer pastime - in AU this is a drone (RPAS) and many limitations and laws apply to drones called RPAS here in AU. Of course we sell our products world-wide and many other countries have different rules. Overall this means the aircraft is ready for pilots who understand it - It does NOT mean you (as a noob-person) are ready; in AU - Phantom is sold to 18+ only with a good problem-solving mind - Piloting a 1kg RC aircraft in AU skies up to 400' has risks determined by the user - make sure your insured for 3rd party public liability or loss - Aviation is about risk management planning - ALWAYS fly at least 30m Laterally) from other people - never over any person within 30m - for beginners we recommend 200m from other people at least. Keep 3nm (6km) away from airports and below 400 ft at all times.  Do not fly at night in AU as its not legal. This KIT requires assembly - setup on a PC - checking on a PC and pilot training (NOT included) - An operator of a drone in AU means your still legally/financially responsible for your actions - if you crash it or injure yourself or somebody else it is your fault - We recommend you first fly a simulator and get an experienced RC friend to help you learn RC first.  Relying on GPS in AU for beginners is wrong as your legally bound by duty of care in AU to raise your real manual stick skill level to match your ambition - Don't be fooled by YouTube video showing it RTH - if this system fails during automatic modes  - you are still 100% responsible - GPS is an assist device - We strongly recommend you consider learning to fly first with an RC instructor.  If you don't understand zero-redundancy don't fly until you do (i.e. if a prop is damaged and then fails the aircraft will fall down immediately with associated risk of injury - if there is nobody for 200m then the risk is removed) If you don't understand GPS lock and how GPS sats orbit the sky rapidly and can be blocked by houses, trees or drop below the horizon by their orbit -> then don't buy this - This aircraft can potentially hit a person during autonomous flight unless YOU maintain LOS (line-of-sight) and immediately regain manual control and prevent the collision - Phantom does NOT have collision avoidance.  Phantom requires that all power and control systems are 100% for safe ops - so your flight plan must allow for sudden and complete loss.  For AU duty-of-Care responsibility We strongly recommend you set the option for MANUAL CONTROL reversion in the PC Software interface (see download below - advanced Guide Page 3 Section A2 item 5).  Only in Manual Control can you take over and avoid the phantom hitting somebody during automatic modes.

What's it best suited for?
Its perfect for technical people who don't have time to build it from scratch - its pre-assemble partially so can be operational quicker in the hands of a skilled person - most RC helicopters and multicopters come as kits to ensure the owner develops a full understanding of the aircraft by assembling it and setting it up  - Pilots don't just jump in and fly aircraft - Pilots must first study the aircraft systems and emergency procedures - same here, OK yes its a hobby level plastic quad that is partially pre-assembled - but its still an aircraft in AU skies -  critically if you crash This Phantom you risk breaking something you will immediately require full drone expert building skills/soldering skills or hire somebody to repair it who has rebuilding skills - PARTS are HERE - props and batteries HERE.  PROPS NOTE - never fly with props which have been in a crash or impact with solid objects - replace the props as they maybe weaken in the first crash - then fail (come apart) if not replaced.  If you wish to modify it - you will need to hire a an RTFB expert to train you on how to do safe upgrades or adding FPV for example - all mods are at your own risk.

Can it be Flown Mode 1 ?
Mode 2 is the proper way to fly RC Multicopters & Phantom comes as mode 2 (with toy-style spring loaded 50% throttle effective May 2013) - If this is your first Multicopter - NEVER choose mode 1 (or be tricked to think you need it). Mode 1 is a legacy WWII RC Club standard still being kept alive by old instructors who never crossed over to the modern mode 2 and keep teaching in this ridiculous stick combination.  It's akin to forcing people to learn DOS instead of Windows 8 - just because the instructors never learnt the new stuff.  It is possible to switch over/fly a phantom in other modes - yes - it involves opening up the Tx and doing lots of stuff to it yourself - see Advanced user guide Pg 5->Pg6.    We recommend you open the Tx and remove the throttle spring/cam arm - only takes a few minutes.

Can I install a larger LiPo battery into my Phantom?
No, this battery is a custom dji battery - cannot be swapped over without major modification.  You must also use the supplied slow charger - We will have spare batteries in stock from next week.

Does it float?  Risk!
No it does NOT float. Beware!!  Consider using the WaterBouy system or something similar to retrieve the wreckage if your planning to fly over fresh inland water - Phantom does not float at all (Also be sure to fly the GoPro3 inside its underwater housing) - a phantom landing or crashing into the ocean/salt water will be written-off within seconds/minutes due to salt water immersion/ingress to the motors and electronics ! flying over the sea/ocean/water is classed as "extreme high risk".  we don't recommend it. If a Phantom is immersed in water it is finished. P Plan ahead and insure it - or keep away from the sea at your own risk.    Be aware that GPS RTH and the home point CANNOT be used as a substitute for under-developed noob pilot skills - for example if you were on a boat and its moving - the home point is VOID as it would later return to sink into the water at your boats original position - if you cannot understand this - DO NOT BUY this product

Does it come with Prop guards ?
No.  PH2+ Prop guards are HERE  - they are different to Phantom 1 guards as Vision 2 used much longer props. Prop guards will reduce your flight time - they are very good for building with flat surfaces and too reduce risk - but prop guards are actually much worse for trees because they snare and hang-up in trees 

I want to bling up my Phantom like a black HiLux with chrome wheels - I see lots of noobs installing Carbon Props - Are carbon Props better for Phantom?  Why don't dji sell carbon props with Phantoms?
OK let's be clear on this - NEVER install Carbon Props on a dji Phantom - Carbons are too stiff and often out of balance as well - you will cause your IMU/Acc to suffer from vibration saturation which will result in a crash 5-10 mins after take-off - We would love to make a profit from selling you carbons - but they are TOTALLY NOT suited to Phantoms and cause resonance, loss of control = crash - The flexible Plastic white props are the BEST option - Trust us - we are helicopter instructors - a flexible rotor blade is a good thing - do yourself a favour and stick with the white props here 

Battery Management

symbol-fire-explosion-risk.jpg  LiPo batteries are dangerous if mistreated or abused or overcharged ! - read the section in the manual (downloaded below) fully - if you leave your LiPo connected to Phantom and the voltage drops below 3.0v per cell overnight - the LiPo Chemistry will be drastically or permanently effected in terms of capacity loss and PUFF - You must disconnect the battery after charging - Once a cell is drained below 3v chances are that battery must be disposed off - So - After flight - allow the battery to cool and then charge it to 2 GREEN BARS only - storage - as per the instructions - pay great attention to the connection and charging - never leave the room while a LiPo is charging - DO NOT charge a LiPo on a carpet or any flammable surface like a car seat or in a bedroom of a motel ! - we recommend concreted area outdoors - or 5m from any flammable items.  The battery is fully charged at 4.2v per cell - at 4.3v it will catch    FIRE   if over-charged !  This warning of a charger set to the wrong charge mode(Nicad) and left un-attended.WARNING !  

Warning : Videos presented overseas (including those from DJIChina or DJI USA) DO NOT REFLECT AUSTRALIAN or responsible USA AVIATION LAWS - if your not sure about something you saw on a video on youTube - STOP - don't fly - call us and ask first!  Never assume anything in RC electric Aviation - In AU and in USA -> You are 100% responsible for everything you do with an aircraft.  As a beginner over-confidence will take you out of your depth - slow down - read the manual in full for your own benefit -  build your flying skills in manual mode - walk first, then run later.  Nobody likes to read manuals but its better to read it before you loose your aircraft than afterward.

How does it work? If you make a mistake and d don't understand the product it can crash and you will be to blame - DO NOT RUSH - You MUST Download and read the Phantom 2 instruction manuals in full, ; You must connect it to a PC running Windows 7 or 8 - You must never operate closer than 30m from a person or fly over people,   before flying.   After is has flown or blown away its to late to get wise.   These are .PDF readable on your PC, iPad or tablet.


Phantom 2  DOWNLOADS http://www.dji.com/download/phantom-downloads/

Question = How do i install FPV live video into my dji Phantom 2 

  • Answer -> Inside the dji Phantom 2 - newer 2015 versions have the "CAM" wire extrenally now - other older Ph2  (open the Phantom at your own risk 12 screws Hex + 4 screws mini phillips under the motors - unplug the GPS - the 12 hex heads requires a 2mm Hex tool HERE) is a port marked "CAM" and in that port is a plug with wires waiting  - see our photo below
    •  Yellow = video out cable to be connected to the Video Tx
    • Brown = GND  (there are 2 - both are the same)
    • red   = Vcc 12v +ve to be connected to the Tx yellow signal wire
  • Purchase a micro video VTx/antenna combo Here - Connect and solder (then add heatshrink)  to these "Cam" 3 wires (above) to the same colours on the VTX - so for example the dji yellow wire from CAM is soldered to Yellow wire on VTx ; Red->Red; Black->Brown (either brown).see photo below
  • Drill a 6.5mm hole in the fuselage - we recommend left side of battery down the back - Position the Antenna face directly DOWN - not at any other angle.  
  • Purchase the goggles here ; or a Ground station here ; and fit 2 Helical antanna HERE  - then you will get 200-300m in LOS video with zero lag/no latency - far superior to other dji systems which have heaps of lag
  • Find out more about FPV signals on the Tips & Tricks Club HERE - Do not install random powerful FPV Tx from Asia as these are illegal in AU and USA and off-band for citizens causing interference to others -
  • Always turn on your Goggles FIRST - check the band for "snow" = means nobody is using that Ch -  OK to turn on the Phantom on 5.8 on that channel ; if you see another pilot video - DO NOT TURN ON your phantom as this will cause interference which is not permitted


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