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  • binding Phantom 1.1.1 to the Tx - dji call it linking - we call Binding the Tx to the Rx

dji Phantom Quad Kit v1.1.1 kit drone - Australia's First dji Dealer

Shipping Weight:
4,000.00 Grams

Sorry but this item is currently unavailable.

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Product Description


STOCK our dji Phantom Kit stock is the newest improved v1.1.1 kit, dual antenna FASST compatible Rx version ! - special offer we will pay any AU gst on this specific item

FREE shipping*  (special offer FREE Express DHL shipping*  or choose Gold Class SHIPPING at check out to jump the queue - it will then go express; Gold Class is same day for local addresses (must be signed for), DHL overnight to CBD of SY, MLB, ADL, PER, BNE - 2 Days to AKL, DRW - DHL is 3 Days to SIN, USA.  if you choose Free shipping it takes longer to process - see shipping section information 

Our stock is in AU (Gold Coast) with full AU return warranty, AU C-Tick compliance and expert "English pilot" phone support

The kit drone DJI Phantom v1.1.1 with a NAZA v2 MC/GPS auto-pilot at its HEART Naza (pronounced na-zer in AU like your mate gazza - or naaaarrrza in the USA) wrapped in a white plastic shell to appeal to the toy experience consumer (it's not a toy it is a RPAS drone).  The Perfect "first Quad" kit to see if you like RC flying (and crashing) - due to its budget USD20 RC radio and budget USD20 charger - these 2 bundled items represent a risk due to their extreme low price, bundled in-the-kit, so we caution in regard to this risk for jamming and charging.  The hot little plastic Quads target people who want a Hobby Quad for self-hovering & pilot training & hobby Photos (with certain extras Home movies) - Requires a PC - MUST first connect it to your PC Win7 - Update firmware , review all your settings, engage IOC & manual mode before your first flight (both disabled by default) and check failsafe and modes are all working as you think they are - Phantom v1 has leds under the booms to help with orientation in low light daytime conditions.  Night flying is not legal in AU unless indoors or other complex rules are applied at approved (expensive) model clubs etc.

Is this a V2 Phantom? Is it a Phantom Vision?
No.  This is the latest v1.1.1 dji kit Phantom for USD479 -  The new 2014 line-up  consists of 3 levels and 3 price points -> Phantom v1.1.1 @USD479 can make great movies if flown in calm conditions early in the morning - Phantom-2 with a h33d gimbal for GoPro offers the chance to shoot stabilised home movies but the risk and expense is greater at  USD959 /then Phantom-v2 Vision +Plus with a dji brand camera EC200 plus 2 batteries @USD1369  The Phantom 2 Vision +Plus offers sudo-FPV via wifi - using your phone in a way via Wifi for geeky iphone-gadget extension experience ;    This 1.1.1 phantom is the ONLY phantom using universal LiPos and standard connectors so batteries are a small fraction of the price of the new locked-into-brand batteries of the 2Vision and 2.  Also Phantom 1.1.1 is the only phantom which can use a proper pro-charger (sold separately) - bottom line =   @ USD479 this is the baseline budget Phantom version 1.1.1 - the other Phantoms are more up-market, more risk and advanced.  Complication are not necessarily a good thing for noobs -   The v1.1.1 is NOT replaced by v2 or vision - the other models are at a totally different price points.  Overall the v1.1.1 will be the hero dji cheapie consumer quad product into any dji future you are planning.  The Phantom 1.1.1 uses exactly the same autopilot NAZAv2 as the more expensive Phantom 2 - flown in calm conditions you DO NOT NEED A GIMBAL - you also DO NOT NEED A GIMBAL for still shots !! the Ph1.1.1 is still a very good "first" quad and way less risk , miles cheaper batteries etc 

What's in the Phantom box?

  • Includes aircraft - v1.1.1 Phantom - contains a v2 NAZA MC inside - all ESC/Motor and NAZA are internal - AU Southern Hemisphere GPS is internal - pre-assembled and tested then props removed for shipping.
  • Includes landing gear with compass (compass has to be plugged in for the GPS NAV mode to function)
  • Includes 1 x basic (high risk) white Transmitter Tx - this New version now has FASST compatible Rx with Dual antenna - also now has a BIND button you can reach from iside the battery tray!!!  Now has the Ch7 slider on the rear of the Tx!
  • Includes 1 x 3S2200 20C LiPo flight battery
  • Includes a basic budget slow Charger 110/240v input - 2 amp charge for 3S LiPo - wall socket adapter - approx... 45 mins to charge the LiPo - -> Phantom flight time 6-11 mins depending on altitude and wind and GoPro installed or not -  Warning  - We must warn users that by long term use of this charger, you will eventually RISK damaging your LiPo batteries pre-maturely - It does NOT HAVE any digital mah or cell voltage display ( or if you leave a battery plugged in too long on the PC or on the ground its toast) - the dji system dumbs down voltage management of batteries because it hides/ignores the individual cell voltages from the user - it is a failure waiting to happen relying only on system total voltage - User risks draining a cell below 3.0v, which permanently damaged that cell regardless of total voltage - charging it back up does not fix it - We strongly recommend for reduced risk, you must use a cell-by-cell telemetry system, cell logger etc to get the full life - WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND you dont use - and instead use a Pro-Charger HERE - to get the most from your LiPos - We personally would NEVER use this box-filler white charger and just thow it away right from the start - it does work - but it DOES NOT inform you. DI Phantom LiPo - grey lipo carries a 60 day warranty -  if you have ever landed, only when the flashing red lights came on, then you most likely permanently damaged one cell -   See below "Battery management" 
  • Includes 8 NEW self tighning props (4 for flight and 4 spares)
  • includes Quick start printed booklet

What's excluded?

  • This is a KIT - requires assembly , requires Pilot training and skill development , requires PC interaction skills to check all systems, requires PC skills to update software, requires a back ground education in aviation RPAS legalities.  The user will have to slowly work thru the DJI maulual by himself/herself - we DO NOT INCLUDE FREE TRAINING or SET-UP training with this product - We strongly recommend you download the manual in advance and decide if you can cope with the technical nature of this product - Drones are VERY technical and NOT suited to everybody.  If you crash you may risk destroying the drone - Your Risk - People struggling may need to hire a trainer to help them at their own expense.
  • Requires 4xAA cells (NOT included) for the Tx - can be Duracell or recharge type AA
  • Excludes v2 PMU upgrade - Excludes H32 upgrade board if you are planning to upgrade to a 2 axis gimbal H3•2D Here
  • If you intend to give this as a gift (18+) REQUIRES you ask the person getting the gift to READ THIS PAGE in FULL.
  • Requires PC- You MUST use/access a PC running Windows 7 or 8 to configure and activate functions for NAZA/Phantom version  - REQUIRES an internet connection to register and receive updates online
  • If you want a better /faster digital charger they are on the top right side of this page (15min charge)
  • EXCLUDES SPARE Hi-Capacity flight BATTERIES !  HERE If you want spare LiPos they are HERE - to fly for one hour you will need 3-4 spare (additional)  batteries !
  • Requires an 8-Balls Vib Killer - for usable VIdeo -  Please note the latest self-tightening props cannot be balanced as the bore is now blocked :(
  • Requires travel planning - If you want to travel with this on an passenger aircraft - you must declare the Lithium cell at checkin and carry LiPos in your cabin baggage - declared - you cannot put lithium LiPos in checked undeclared baggage or inside the phantom - a lithium short circuit fire in flight in the cargo hold could result in you downing the airliner ....
  • Requires Risk Management training - Its legally classed as an aircraft - Don't buy this phantom unless you fully understand the RISKs of RC flying - see below - this is NOT a toy - its a drone and requires understanding RISK - see below
  • Requires Pilot training - RPAS - check with CASA Government officials

Can a v1.1.1 phantom do FPV?


No - not as supplied - it will require DIY modification for FPV at your own risk  - attach 1. a video Tx 2. A video feed wire from the GoPro 3. Connect 12v to the Video Tx  4. A Video Ground Station -; or live Video Goggles -  Such equipment being DIY attached to the outside is risky and complex and not recommended until you have complete 20 hours in the air - the round dot on the body that looks like an FPV camera is actually an LED (the back) its important that you see this LED at all times as it signals important NAZA flight status conditions and signals to the pilot on the ground, even when doing FPV get your assistant to watch it!! .  Make sure to frequently check the LED while flying or have your assistant check the LED.  I you don't understand the colours/blinks - don't fly - learn them - above.

Can I shoot HDVideo out of the box?
No - you will get bad video-gello. You will need to use an 8-Balls video mount HERE.  

Can it shoot still shots?
- If you purchase a GoProHeroHD 3 (not included) it can be attached without the full protective housing (Your risk) but in a crash you may damage your camera (outside its protective case) its then your loss and your fault - GoProHD2 or HD3 -> set to intervalometer GoPro will take consecutive shots every 5 secs for the duration of the flight ; press start on goPro before takeoff -  - Phantom is ideal for hobby photography  Its well suited to smooth hovering ops.  

What is a dji Phantom (Quad) "Fly away" - Why does it happen to Noobs?  Myth Busting the drone Fly-Away myth - facts
symbol-risk-managment.jpg These so called events are really split into a) radio-jamming "fly away" events and b) loss of GPS lock from occlusion called "blow-away" incidents where the aircraft travels downwind in atti mode.  Radio Receiver (phantom) Rx antenna receive very weak signals becuase the transmitters power (only 100mw) is radiated in all directions at once, dispersed and the Rx is only capturing a <0.1mw .  The Receiver antenna ideally would be side ways to the Rx and the  Tx antenna must be sideways to the Phantom.  No energy is received by the pointy end, nor sent out the pointy end of the Tx antenna (its not a gun - never point a Radio Tx antenna at an aircraft becuase no signals goes out that direction).  The new 1.1.1 phantom has 2 * Rx antenna now ! - its vital to tape these two tip - 90° apart - away from the LiPo.  So in situation a) "Fly-away" the ambient airways contain competing 2.4Ghz traffic signals for cell phones, GoPro radiation (make sure GoPro Wifi is OFF!), Home Wifi etc all operating on 2.4Ghz not to mention sidebands from FPV gear or gimbals poorly situated on the craft.  Its possible for the included budget USD20 white radio (high risk) to be electronically jammed in some locations (or by your own diy gimbal or your cell phone or your GoPro).  Alway use your PC Assistant to check failsafe is active and working - turn off the radio and observe the "mode-> failsafe" on the bottom left side of the PC screen -  in situation a)When jammed, The Rx never sends the FAILSAFE command to NAZA, so it wont come home (also worsened if you dont have enough Sats or you damaged your GPS antenna etc).  The only way to guard against this is to use a much more expensive LOW RISK  HiTech Radio RC Tx such as Futaba or LOW RISK Taranis ; and be extremely carefully about previously mentioned on-board jamming and where you choose to fly.  Another potential fly away issue is where the Radio Tx throttle is not fully calibrated in the PC assistant and checked regularly - this leads to jerky or failed power commands in rare cases (so regularly use MANUAL mode and see if the engines are responding smoothly/proportionally) -  The 2nd situation of phantom "Blow away" , loss of NAV sensors, which is what's happening most of the time - occurs when you loose GPS military Satellite lock or suffer MAG/Compass loss.  GPS Sats are owned by the US Army and are moving/speeding across the sky rapidly all the time to avoid being shot down in war - so at any moment you can gain or loose sats in view.  Once the NAZA autopilot in your plastic quads looses too many Sats it will DROP OUT OF GPS mode and blow away. Both the GPS and the Compass are CRITICAL to navigation - Any disruption to either means end of NAV and your phantom will go downwind. This can me made worse by factors such as 1. you crashed and cracked your GPS antenna internally 2. You are standing under something for shade like a tree blocking Sats  3. You are standing next to a building blocking Sats or a car/railway line or powerlines cuasing magnetic issues 4. You pulled the Compass wires out of the compass on the landing gear or you fitted DIY battery next to the compass. 5. You are taking off and blasting into the distance before the 2nd wave of Green pulses signals HOME POSITION RECORDED.  So basically the home position was never logged (Just wait patiently for Home LOC signal - then fly) 6. You dont even know what mode you are in? (read the manual and learn the LED colour codes , and watch the LED carefully while flying).  Any Flash RED LED is a serious problem!! . 7. The big Mac-Combo-noob You dont know what mode your in; or just guessing because you never connected it to the PC to check modes and failsafe is working  ; you crashed and cracked your GPS antenna internally ; you loose sats or blocked out sats with trees and buildings ; you never recorded home point or mistook it for something else; you have your GoPro Wifi on ; then you fly too far away pointing your antenna at each other and loose signal; you dont monitor your flight time;  you DIY fitted some other bling stuff you found/saw on a forum ; then oooops = blow away. 8. You get dis-orientated and mistakenly fly away pushing the sticks toward you but the nose is now facing you - you mistakenly thinking you are commanding home, but actually sending it away combined with wind blow away (learn to orientate to the front and practice flying nose in and sideways too)

For both these reasons (above) - You CANNOT DEPEND ON GPS assist or GPS NAV as a phantom noob - GPS/NAV/MAG is there as an AID to FLYING - a Pilot must FIRST gain sufficient skill to fly the aircraft manually manually(in MANUAL MODE) in the event of loss of Sats -> loss of Assisted functions from the auto-pilot.  If your not flying in FULL MANUAL you are NOT a pilot anyway - the autopilot flies in GPS and ATTi modes - not you - but only when that is possible as above.

Upgrades? Is the Zenmuse H3.2D gimbal plug n Play? Whats the point of adding the gimbal?

Not realy no.. it is not a plug-n-play upgrade but more like a soldering internal upgrade DIY.  To get full function with the Zenmuse H3.2D gimbal you need to install a data connection via Canbus.  There are 2 choices - requires either a NAZAv2 PMU or a special H32d patch board inside your phantom -  These mods for  Zenmuse H3.2D gimbal will require a complete internal strip down of your phantom so its not plug-n-play nor RTF - so please consider this and review the videos on this two pages for v2-PMU upgrade or H32D upgrade board.  if you cannot solder, dji recommends you get the v2 later for USD1750(estimated) - we recommend learn to solder, its easy.  Gimbals are only really needed on windy days - on a calm day the Phantom can shoot smooth video if the vibration can be removed -> The most popular upgrade is the plug-n-play 8-Balls Video gello killer - replaces the dji mount and strips away the vibration in video footage.

I have a new business idea to do real estate video &  still photos with phantom - is that cool?   
Hobby flying (Phantom) and commercial aerial work are considered different activities under AU laws and also USA laws - no -  You cannot operate a Phantom in AU,NZ or USA for commercial photography or any aerial work without CASA approval, an OC and your CC (see bottom of wiki page HERE)  If you intend to take photos or video for sale DO NOT BUY THIS AIRCRAFT, until you have contacted CASA.or FAA in USA   Further reading for AU customers is HERE.  Please be aware that we (and you) see the advantages of technology and robotic unmanned aircraft - some Pollies, some Journos  (falsely claiming it to be military tech) and society at large is whipped up by said "journos" to see a Quad as fearsome thing to be severely restricted in your hands- its scary to these nay-sayers and big business wanting to lock out small single man business from the skies  - If your planning commercial Ops be sure to follow all legal limits and set a good example - Most importantly help us lobby the Senate to provide better laws to remove restrictions to small business, real estate photography, Agriculture or mining getting access to UAV and using them without over zealous law making.  Its possible that Small AUV under 2kg might  be class exempt thanks to pressure from our petition members - so please sign it HERE

 Can it be flown at AU MAAA aero clubs?
Not sure why people ask this - you don't need to pay expensive club fees and have some really old guys tell you that you cant do this or that -  to fly a phantom for fun go to a park - its 2013!   - OK - serious answer -> At present this radio is not "accepted" by MAAA and cannot be used at a model aero club run under MAAA mops.  This would require you to pay to join maaa and then change the radio Rx over for a Futaba Rx (or other radios on the MAAA accepted list).  We recommend flying on your own property or at a public park - cheaper and more fun.

Where can I fly Phantom and use this Radio?
Don't worry - its 2013 - Phantom is about having fun in the open, best used in rural park zones as the supplied radio is a budget radio (yes it complies with ACMA rules and carries our C-Tick, but its still a bottom end Radio) and not going to give you the same protection as a USD300-USD600 Futaba or FrSky radio does against jamming! - the auto-pilot modes will act as a de-facto instructor - for the first flight, fly at a park well away from others and well away from radio interference (for congested urban radio environments we recommend the AIRSIDE version of phantom HERE with a Pro-RCRadio and charger)- take off in Atti or GPS mode - then gradually learn to fly for real in MANUAL mode - flick back to auto modes if you get scared or dis-orientated - Its quite OK to use this radio away from congested 2.4Ghz zones - We recommend you self insure - call your insurer to check your 3rd party liability insurance - many home and contents policies (Suncorp) include liability cover for small aircraft below 1.5m automatically in your home cover - check - fly at a rural open sports field - there is no need to join any model clubs - follow the basics - stay more than 6km from any airfield - 30m from persons and below 400' by day

So it's RTF in China  - what does that mean in AU skies? Why does the MultiWiicopter.com team call it a KIT?
This is a kit drone - requires assemble, education, setup and checking on a PC, pilot training (NOT INCLUDED) not RTF = not Ready to Fly - this means the aircraft is ready for qualified pilots who understand it - It does NOT mean you (as a noob-person) are ready; in AU - Phantom is sold to 18+ only pilots - Piloting a 1kg RC aircraft in AU skies up to 400' has risks determined by the user - make sure your insured for 3rd party public liability or loss - Aviation is about risk management planning - ALWAYS fly at least 30m Laterally) from other people - never over any person within 30m - for beginners we recommend 200m from other people at least. Keep 3nm (6km) away from airports and below 400 ft at all times.  Do not fly at night in AU as its not legal.  RTF in AU means your still legally/financially responsible for your actions - if you crash it or injure yourself or somebody else it is your fault - We recommend you first fly a simulator and get an experienced RC friend to help you learn RC first.  Relying on GPS in AU for beginners is wrong as your legally bound by duty of care in AU to raise your real manual stick skill level to match your ambition - Don't be fooled by YouTube video showing it RTH - if this system fails during automatic modes  - you are still 100% responsible - GPS is an assist device - We strongly recommend you consider learning to fly first with an RC instructor.  If you don't understand zero-redundancy don't fly until you do (i.e. if a prop is damaged and then fails the aircraft will fall down immediately with associated risk of injury - if there is nobody for 200m then the risk is removed) If you don't understand GPS lock and how GPS sats orbit the sky rapidly and can be blocked by houses, trees or drop below the horizon by their orbit -> then don't buy this - This aircraft can potentially hit a person during autonomous flight unless YOU maintain LOS (line-of-sight) and immediately regain manual control and prevent the collision - Phantom does NOT have collision avoidance.  Phantom requires that all power and control systems are 100% for safe ops - so your flight plan must allow for sudden and complete loss.  For AU duty-of-Care responsibility We strongly recommend you set the option for MANUAL CONTROL reversion in the PC Software interface (see download below - advanced Guide Page 3 Section A2 item 5).  Only in Manual Control can you take over and avoid the phantom hitting somebody during automatic modes.

What's it best suited for?
Its perfect for people/noobs who don't have any helicopter Model building skills - traditionally helicopters and multicopters come as kits to ensure the owner develops a full understanding of the aircraft by assembling it and setting it up  - Pilots don't just jump in and fly aircraft - they first study the aircraft systems and emergency procedures - same here, OK yes its a hobby level plastic quad  - but its still an aircraft in AU skies -  bear in mind if you crash it and break something you will immediately require building skills/soldering skills or hire somebody to repair it who has rebuilding skills - PARTS are HERE - props and batteries HERE.  PROPS NOTE - never fly with props which have been in a crash or impact with solid objects - replace the props as they maybe weaken in the first crash - then fail (come apart) if not replaced.

Can it be Flown Mode 1 ?
Mode 2 is the proper way to fly RC Multicopters & Phantom comes as mode 2 (with toy-style spring loaded 50% throttle effective May 2013) - If this is your first Multicopter - NEVER choose mode 1 (or be tricked to think you need it). Mode 1 is a legacy WWII RC Club standard still being kept alive by old instructors who never crossed over to the modern mode 2 and keep teaching in this ridiculous stick combination.  It's akin to forcing people to learn DOS instead of Windows 8 - just because the instructors never learnt the new stuff.  It is possible to switch over/fly a phantom in other modes - yes - it involves opening up the Tx and doing lots of stuff to it yourself - see Advanced user guide Pg 5->Pg6.    We recommend you open the Tx and remove the throttle spring/cam arm - only takes a few minutes.

Can I install a larger LiPo battery into my Phantom?
No, the door is too small.  One of the worst ideas ever is to fly 2 external 3S LiPos which interfere with the MAG/compass and create TBE RTH issues/situations - as the battery door is a fixed size, the 3S CarbonBird LiPo HERE offers superior in specs and fits perfectly. ..... but - yes.....OK, we modified our phantoms - one one we fly 4S internal LiPo - see bottom of this page.  on the other we drastically modified the bottom half to take 2 internal 3S and added cooloing as well.

Does Phantom float?
No.  absolutely Not.  Consider using the WaterBouy system or something similar if your planning to fly over fresh inland water/rivers - Phantom does not float at all ! sinks fast ! (Also be sure to fly the GoPro3 inside its underwater housing) - a phantom landing or crashing into the ocean/salt water will be written-off within seconds/minutes due to salt water immersion/ingress to the motors and electronics ! flying over the sea/ocean/water is classed as "extreme high risk".  we don't recommend it.   Keep well away (2km) from the sea/ocean/water unless you under the extreme risk of what you are doing - at your own risk ! Keep away from salt spray found at beaches - salt corrosion/immersion is NOT covered by warranty !

Does it come with Prop guards ?
No.  Prop guards are an optional extra ; and can purchased here 

Battery Management - Good user managment of Lithium batteries is essential to ensure the battery is not ruined
  LiPo batteries are dangerous if mistreated or abused or overcharged ! - read the section in the manual (downloaded below) fully - if you leave your LiPo connected to Phantom when on the ground, and the voltage drops below 3.0v per cell overnight - the LiPo Chemistry will be drastically or permanently effected in terms of capacity loss and PUFF - We strongly advise you to use 1) a pro-level digital charger  2) inflight cell-by-cell monitoring 3) a logging cell meter - 4) Store that Lithium battery at 50% charge (3.8v per cell) Never fly too long pushing your luck too far on electric power - land early at least 2 mins before VLC to save your LiPos and ensure a long life - if you go into the voltage panel and set the voltages too low, at your own risk!  - then you will damage on of the cells in that LiPo - Also You must disconnect the battery after charging - Once a lithium cell is drained below 3v chances are that battery is ruined by over-drain user and must be disposed off - So - After a flight - allow the battery to cool for 15 mins -> and then charge it as per the instructions for your charger - pay great attention to the connection and charging - never leave the room while a LiPo is charging - DO NOT charge a LiPo on a carpet or any flammable surface like a car seat or in a bedroom of a motel ! - we recommend concreted area outdoors - or 5m from any flammable items.  The battery is fully charged at 4.2v per cell - at 4.3v it will catch    FIRE   if over-charged !  This warning of a charger set to the wrong charge mode(Nicad) and left un-attended.WARNING !   

Warning : Videos presented overseas DO NOT REFLECT AUSTRALIAN AVIATION LAWS - if your not sure about something you saw on a video on youTube - STOP - don't fly - call us and ask first!  Never assume anything in RC electric Aviation - In AU -> You are 100% responsible for everything you do with an aircraft.  As a beginner over-confidence will take you out of your depth - slow down - read the manual in full for your own benefit -  build your flying skills in manual mode - walk first, then run later.  Nobody likes to read manuals but its better to read it before you loose your aircraft than afterward.

How does it work? You MUST Download and read the Phantom instruction manuals in full, below. These are .PDF readable on your PC, iPad or tablet.
Downloads are all here

Phantom Quickstart Guide

Phantom Advanced Users - Guide

Phantom LiPo Battery and charger Guide

Phantom PC/NAZA Wizard setup

Windows XP, 7 USB Driver

Windows 8 USB Driver



Making modifications to make it soar like an eagle (Fly longer, carry more gear and come back every time)

OK so we don't fly Phantom the way it came from the Factory - We made 4 major mods for our NO-Gimbal Phantom 

These are the things we did to improve our own Phantom - Note these mods will void your warranty but will improve your fanton experience (we do fly 90% on manual, 10% atti and almost never in GPS mode) - Also note2 : You cannot use H3•2D upgrade board Part 25 with 4S - for this you need to modify the battery tray to hold 2*3S2250 instead

1. Removed the park flyer-jammable-Rx and installed a FrSky full range Rx with trusted failsafe -  FrSky extended antenna - We fly Phantom from our Futaba 14SG Radio (Futaba have ben making RCRadios for over 30years)

2. Removed the narrow landing gear and installed wider carbon gear - the Antenna for the Rx hangs below the Carbon and the 2 antenna are taped at 90°

3. Installed an 8-Balls Gello Killer for super smooth video

4. Installed a CarbonBird 4S4250 LiPo for 30% improvement in payload and flight time - we also charge this LiPo at 10amps with an iCharger.  This mod required careful dremelling of the opening on all sides and an extra notch on the left so we can tuck the XT60 connect down the left side.

carbonbird-4s2250-lipo-modifications346.jpg carbonbird-4s2250-lipo-modifications347.jpg
carbonbird-4s2250-lipo-modifications348.jpg carbonbird-4s2250-lipo-modifications345.jpg



2nd Option ; Dual 3S2500 modifications for 15 min flights with H32D gimbal and FPV gear using 2 x 3S2500 LiPo (below) 

For our Phantom 1.1.1 modified to fly a H32D gimbal on a budget ; we modified our airframe to carry 2 x 3S2500 LiPo internally for 15minute flights easy with full FPV gear , shifted these 2 x LiPo back to balance the camera at the front (original Phantom had both the battery balanced forward and the GoPro forward) to the weight of the GP3+H32D is compensated now in our mods by the 2 rear situated LiPos.  (Bear in mind you cannot run 4S with a H32D as H32D is only designed for 3S LiPo)

our Team MWC Mods included

  1. Changed motors to CarbonBird 1175kv higher speed motors - also added 2 washers under each motor to tilt that motor over for better yaw control ; trimmed the shaft short
  2. Changed Props from 8" to 9" HQProp 9050 which we can balance on a traditional balancer (unlike Ph2 props)
  3. Cut a large hole in the Phantom 1.1.1 lower section (including thru-flow air cooling) and added 4 washers to raise the main board 1mm - modified to carry 2 x 3S2500 LiPo internally
  4. Changed the Mainboard to allow gimbal control
  5. Added an H32D gimbal
  6. Externally mounted the LED ; and USB micro - discarded the grey USB A cable
  7. Added a Scarab FPV bracket
  8. Added a CarbonBird FPV Tx
  9. Ditched the white radio - Used our long range Futaba 14SG Radio Tx with dual rates and EXPO
  10. Removed the dji Rx and added a FrSky TFRSP Fasst compatible CPPM Rx with tilt to X1
  11. Added a cell-by-cell telemetry LiPo monitoring system (not shown but you can see the velcro to hold it at rear left)

see photos below



Apart from the longer flights we noticed a huge improvement in YAW performance from the tilted motors - thrust vectoring - something all Scarab have had since Jan 2011




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  • Information on assembling a kit can be gained by looking at the photos on the product page itself. If you stuck on an advanced kit then first read the Quad Noobs guide
  • MultiCopters should hover at 50% throttle and fly for 10-15 mins.
  • Balance all props - vibration causes junk sensors data and gello in video - remove the SOURCE of the vibration by balancing
  • Use a quality prop balancer(Du-Bro 499 Tru-Spin Prop Balancer) statically; then run them individually to check they are centred true and the tipshave the same path; any vibration will reduce the effectiveness of the Wii gyro or anyother gyro.
  • Attach any IMU or sensors such as Sirius™, NAZA or WookM with vibration isolation gel - Board with sensors solder to directly are just cheapo clones - commercial quality IMU use isolation vibration materials
  • Keep your PROPS OFF - not installed - until you are fully conversant/understand in full the functions of your Tx in full including TRAV (end Points), the arm and disarm procedures - realise that for a noob skiping or out-of-order set-up steps or moving sticks, or even static - PROPS may start at anytime without warning. Never install props prior to calibration of the ESC and testing the gyro orientation, and arm/disarm testing of the board - YOU are responsible - make sure your actions and your Copter is safe - remove the prop -remove the risk.
  • Always maiden on default PIDs' - If the copter is not almost perfect on default PID's then DO NOT go straight to altering the PID's! Most of the problems you will face as a noob will be caused by making wild assumptions or following myths from forums - fly on default PIDs first - balance your props - make sure your ESC are calibrated and synchronized.
  • Dont be fooled by forum claims of kirby flashed ESCs - this software will melt your ESCs and give short flights - there is a lot of bad info on forums

Safety in Australian Skies

  • Keep more than 30m from persons,choose an empty sports field for your first flights
  • Do not fly near pets, houses or cars
  • Never fly within 3nm of an airfield or above 400ft
  • Never install your props until after the Multicopter is fully tested and 100% correct without props. Engines can start suddenly and without warning IF YOU FAIL to understand how they work or skip any steps.
  • Set your Tx/Rx binding to low throttle 1/4 position so that if the link is lost the copter will descend slowly.
  • Always keep your Copter in line of sight for one pilot ops - FPV is only legal in AU with a buddy on a buddybox - 2 person FPV is 100% legal using the buddybox system below 400'.  See CASA Part 101 Regs
  • RC Flying is a privilege - please enjoy it.  Don't show off and don't get over confident
  • Home movies are fine, but in Australia professional paid photography or videos from an RC aircraft requires CASA Part 101 compliance, including exams and approved ops manuals and pilot competency tests by CASA official which will cost several thousand up front.

Safety in USA Skies

USA multicopter Flyers be aware - FAA D.O.T USA published an AC 91-57 (Advisory Circular) on June 9 1981 to keep flyers of models away from populated areas (people) and minimise hazard to persons and property on the ground - the intention is conveyed by this AC - It is titled Model aircraft operating Standards - Para 3. a) to e).

Clearly stated are the 400ft height limit and not closer than 3nm from an airport and the avoidance of populated areas and parks.

Once used commercially a model in the USA becomes a U.A.S and pilots should read this document regarding the use of multicopters for Comm Ops


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