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DJI Zenmuse Gimbal H3-3D for GoPro3 - for Phantom 2

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Product Description


WARNING - H33D Gimbals are very light and delicate highspeed instruments designed to fly in clean air - use extreme care & avoid dust/dirt/sand or salt -  the H33D gimbal motors can be burnt out in minutes if overheated from entrapment (motor strains against external forces/blockage) - or filters, DIY items added to a GoPro creating an out of balance strain, or from crash damage or poor handling causing bending of the motor shafts - DJI are very strict  - USER damage or crashing is NOT covered by dji warranty. Read all the notes below for PROPER CARE.  Make sure you operate from a debris free helipad (put down a large rubber mat ) - if you operate near salt you must apply protective INOX to connectors.  The Zenmuse yaw system requires perfect MAG/COMPASS with no interferences to the MAG such as third part devices or GOPro WiFi (must be off) - Do NOT install aftermaket filters/covers or any other weight to the front of the gimbal.

the DJI Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal for movie making with a GoProHeroHD3 action camera, with your GP3 in naked form (not protected by the GP3 polycarbonate case).  You will be astonished by the small size and low weight. The gimbal can be connected to any multicopter with a 12-25v power supply.  however in order to achieve full function and camera "tilt" it must be connected to a WookM or a NAZA2 Canbus port 

You must read all of the downloadable instructions first before opening or connecting this product.  Owners of this gimbal must accept all liability for risk associated with operating their GoProHero cam outside of its protective housing.  Never fly in dust or over water with a naked gopro ! - If you damage your GoPro in a crash, or from salt ware spray exposure, its your risk and your problem.  This camera gimbal suits experienced multicopter pilots who have got past all user/set-up beginner learning student phases and no longer crash their multicopters - Expert battery management is essential.  We do not recommend flying this gimbal on the basic phantom white toy style radio due to possibility of localised signal jamming/fly away ; the white radio is more of a park flyer radio - We strongly recommend a Full range Futaba type radio be used as the primary RC system and operate from a mat LZ helipad

FPV output requires a FPV Tx - NOT included - sold here HERE

 Downloads / Requires

HD3.3D User manual  - You must read this manual prior to purchase - a gimbal is a delicate and fragile product which can be damaged/burnt out byy mis-use

Important - READ This in full before buying or using this product

  1. Confirm your Gopro camera is off - connect it to the gimbal when off - so both items are OFF
  2. Then ; confirm - GP is correctly connected to the Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal before the gimbal is powered up! Turn on GoPro NOW - Turn on RC radio Tx ; Check gimbal is free - not entrapped ; Then turn on Quad/Zenmuse last
  3. Before disconnecting/connecting the GoPro3, ALWAYS power down the Gimbal & GoPro fully, i.e. before any disconnection/connection ! ; or the communication interface on the camera and Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal may both be permanently damaged; 
  4. Be sure that no external force/blockage/obstruction/mass is allowed on Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal/GP3 during the self-check phase or during normal use;
  5. Never grab or manipulate or obstruct  the GoPro on the H33D while the gimbal is powered an on!!! you will damage the motors, and this USER damage is NOT covered by warranty
  6. Avoid exceeding 35° tilt limits in flight - limit your range of aircraft movement during the flight, or the dampers stops may strike in which case the Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal will engage self-protection mode;
  7. Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal is not water-proof and not shock/crash-proof; avoid salt laden coastal air
  8. Do not try to disassemble the Zenmuse H3-3D yourself;  There are no user replaceable parts - if it fails it must be returned to China for repair at the factory
  9. Check the frame, dampers and screws of the Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal are all correctly installed in your pre-flight inspection checks on every flight; before power-up
  10. Beware of the input voltage range for Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal = 3S to 6S in LiPo. absolute Max voltage is 25 volts !



1 x dji china 3 Axis gimbal for Phantom 2 (H3•3d) for GoProHero HD3 or 3+ only - does work with GP4 if balanced with small weight/3m tape these are Gen 2 with side USB video out (make sure you lock the black plastic clicp after inserting the ribbon cable intot he plug)

one video out lead (requires soldering

one molex 8 pin lead (no soldering if connecting to dji AVL58) - (simple soldering if connected to any other FPV Tx - however ALL soldering at your risk)

Includes AU Factory fault warranty 12 months -
( twice as long as a USA based warranty) - Warranty excludes damage from crashes, excludes motor damage from burn-outs  - be carefull - Gimbals are very delicate instruments and don't tolerate user abuse....



Exclude zenmuse GCU - the GCU controller is on the motherboard of your Phantom 2 already 

Requires soldering to power and also to any FPV transmitter - drone experts only - see diagrams above

carbonbird-fpv-goggles.jpg        fpv-ground-station-rx-7-screen.jpg

This version is NOT suitable for Phantom

excludes printed instructions - all instructions must be download 

excludes FPV gear and Goggles

excludes RC gear Futaba





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