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RC Avatar FPV drone G10 - electronica - Scarab™ twin servo Tricopter

Shipping Weight:
1,200.00 Grams
Stock Remaining:

Product Description

The Scarab Avatar kit first designed and flown Dec 2011 by us - NEW for 2016 the v2 with Carbon Landing gear included ! - Frames are G10 Version - Includes the flight controller PARIS AIR v2 Hero FPV has been in the hands of our international Pro-Pilots and they love it!   Scarab Avatar is a highly maneuverable FPV air Reconnaissance vehicle in the 1kg class with an excitement level suited to gamers or pilots with very fast reflexes.  With twin-front rotating engines this craft has powerful thrust vectoring and can yaw twice as fast as any other multicopter made - it will change the way you fly in minutes. Inspired by the famous Avatar scorpion bi-rotors our goal was to design a multicopter with a wide flight envelope and capable of fast and stable forward flight and blistering stop-n-turn performance. Scarab Avatar Tricopter uses twin front rotating motor/props/booms and one fixed rear downward facing prop - this is the secret to the amazing stability and forward flight performance.  The Avatar can be flown by direct Line of sight LOS.   The Fuselage is ready for DIY scale modelers - see example here

CrazyJ - Expert RC multicopter pilot added a scale look to his Scarab Avatar with lightweight foam - see here doing Line of Sight LOS RC (above)

Hero Features

  • Highly maneuverable with Stable fast forward flight to Vne
  • Best looking Tricopter ever made - full 2.0mm G10 FR4 mil spec mainframe - strong
  • Twin thrust vectoring front motors/props - positive yaw control extreme - 2 x digital metal gear servos
  • Short booms and good stability with the PARIS Sirius AIR (included)
  • Can be fitted with long booms (260mm booms included) for increased mechanical inertia stability
  • Composite CNC G10 Mil and Aluminium construction
  • Lots of space upfront (inside the frame ) for OSD gear
  • Long flight times - 8-11mins depending on LiPo - must be 4S
  • Rock solid stability in all indoor or outdoor conditions
  • Small size for transport to work  :)  -  will fit in a travel case/Pelican box 420x400x100mm - props off
  • Weight fully assembled  - 820g WITHOUT LiPo main cell
  • Weight fully assembled with 2200Mah 4S LiPo - everthing including FPV gear - Recommended LiPo  = 1025g
  • Building Guide Avatar is here  - PARIS AIR info on PARIS AIR page here
NOTES : Cannot be flown with a 3s -  on 4S it flies VERY responsively - accelerates well - this 4s2250 45c LiPos  for longer flight times
NOTE : 2 : It important not to fly LiPos which are too heavy - Tricopters fly well up to a certain weight per cm squared of Prop area then reach a tipping point and are hard to keep super-smooth or stable 
NOTE: 3 : The Video Tx/Rx is Auto switching/sensing and will output in the format the FPV Camera sends - As are almost all video googles and 7" monitors sold today - this means if you live in PAL country you can still order the faster 60fps NTSC version - The FPV cameras are fixed output - A PAL camera will always output PAL 50fps - an NTSC will always output NTSC 60 fps
NOTE : 4 : In some countries such as AU FPV requires 2 pilots - Pilot(PIC) plus 2nd Pilot - i.e. Command/spotter Pilot and FPV Pilot - The PIC must have the aircraft visual at all times LOS for safe Ops; the 2nd Pilot flies FPV.
NOTE: G10 frames show/contain minor surface/production marks/scratching.


  • PARIS Sirius AIR USB - pre-programmed to TriiKopta
  • 3 x 12mm tubular booms - 170mm aluminium "Scarab" black - all booms
  • 3 x 12mm tubular booms - 260mm (optional long booms - aluminium) black only
  • Motors -  3 x CarbonBird® 888kva motors - 62g with NMB high end bearings and long wires, and GBC connectors installed
  • Prop Adapters - 3 x Red/Silver Prop adapters 3.17mm/5mm shaft
  • Props - 9050 props CW and CCW (plus 1 spare) = total 4 props
  • ESC - 3 x  18Amp CarbonBird® ESC - twin heatsinks and compact form factor
  • ESC Program card
  • 2 way servo Y-Lead for front servos
  • 4 wayY-lead ESC-learning curve
  • Pre-Made power distribution lead - XT60- JST
  • 2 x Metal Gear Servos - digital , linkages and carbon servo trays
  • Airframe - CNC 2mm 100% black G10 fiberglass Mil spec
  • CNC metal boomholders - v2 RED anodised Aluminium
  • CNC engine holders/coolers - v2 black anodised
  • Andromeda  v2.1  Pilot orientation board - Red/White and Blue LEDs indicate the front.sides and rear - day or night
  • Avatar scorpion style - effective Jan 2015 ships with Carbon fibre landing gear 
  • Various M2 and M3 bolts
  • Nylon standoffs - various for andromeda
  • 140mm circumference Velcro strap for recommend LiPo size (2250Mah 4S)
  • Adhesive Velcro for LiPo postioning
  • 4 x Zip-tie ropes 


Requires / Excludes

  • Excludes PARIS GPS here - if ordered with a GPS at the same time we will program the AIR for the GPS - must be connected at all times and mount away from the centre
  • Excludes Pro-tool 1/16th HERE
  • If ordering a PARISv5r3(excluded)  - excludes the Andromeda v3r3 here
  • Excludes FPV kit  -  3 bladed Tx antenna - 4 Bladed Rx antenna 
  • Requires prop balancing - Props and motors can be balanced to run silky smooth by the owner - this is an important skill you must learn - its easy - but takes 3-10 mins per prop to do well - its a matter of adding blade tape to balance the props - static balancing - then running at speed - trial and error process called dynamic balancing - props are spun up and balanced while turning/spinning.  Pilots who say they did not balance their props are just short changing themselves - The entire IMU will fly better and the bearings will last longer when everything is balanced dynamically - Use the Forums and YouTube to search for Prop balancing videos.  AP requires very smooth props for smooth video.
  • Excludes USB micro cable - for PARIS AIR
  • Excludes training 
  • Excludes Radio control Tx/Rx 
  • Requires Pilot skills - perfect for RC collective pitch 3D-heli pilots - for others use a Simulator first and fly Triikopta (and we are not talking about watching a self fly drone parrot or fanton or naza fly itself either - we mean real stick flying skills - if you need GPS for RTH when out of range, then good - but if you need GPS so the aircraft flies/hovers itself - then this Triikopta is definately NOT for you yet)
  • Excludes LiPo main power cell ; Recommend 4S2250 45c  for Longer flights
  • Excludes GoProHero camera 
  • Excludes your FPV Ground-station 7"  and/or FPV Googles 
  • Excludes LiPo Charger ; Recommend iCharger
  • Excludes a temperature controlled soldering iron - Hakko 888



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