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Scarab Avatar FPV Carbon - electronica Delrin™ - twin servo Tricopter

Shipping Weight:
900.00 Grams
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Product Description

<USD399 - on sale USD329 - Free Shipping* World Wide- Fedex/DHL - Limited time Offer - includes flight controller Air v2 !

The long awaited Scarab Avatar 2.2 Delrin - full Carbon Version - now has 300w 888kv motors and the PARIS AIR autopilot, and digital servos -  - has been in the hands of our Pro-Pilots for months now and they love it!   Scarab Avatar is a highly manoeuvrable FPV air Reconnaissance vehicle in the 1kg class with an excitement level suited to gamers or pilots with very fast reflexes.  With twin-front rotating engines this craft has powerful thrust vectoring and can yaw twice as fast as any other multicopter made - it will change the way you fly in minutes. Inspired by the famous Scorpion bi-rotors our goal was to design a multicopter with a wide flight envelope and capable of fast and stable forward flight and blistering stop-n-turn performance.  Scarab Avatar Tricopter uses twin front rotation motor/props/booms and one fixed rear downward facing prop - this is the secret to the amazing stability and forward flight performance.  The Avatar can be flown by direct Line of sight LOS.  The ARF kit includes our high end FPV camera and special cloverleaf 5.8Ghz antenna which massively boost the effective range on this frequency at low power levels 5.8Ghz - allowing you operate safely to 750m radius and receive clear images (on your Video googles or 7"LCD display - not included - see link at the bottom of this page).  The Avatar is very similar in size to the Quad Reconn - the main difference is the Quad Reconn is designed to run a GoProHeroHD2 shooting HD video out front (LiPo balanced out the back) whereas the Avatar is specially designed for FPV/LOS with video being recorded on a FPV PVR at your PVR Ground station(not included) - as a result the Avatar is twice as manoeuvrable - in fact more manoeuvrable than any other multicopter period.

CrazyJ - Expert RC multicopter pilot added a scale look to his Scarab Avatar with lightweight foam - see here doing Line of Sight LOS RC (above)

Hero Features

  • Delrin™ and Full Carbon 3K weave frame
  • Highly manoeuvrable with Stable fast forward flight to Vne
  • Best looking Tricopter ever made - full 3K 2.0mm 3KWeave 100% real carbon mainframe
  • Twin thrust vectoring front motors/props - positive yaw control extreme - 2 x metal gear servos in Delrin™ rotating boom holders
  • Short booms and good stability with the PARIS Sirius™ AIR (included)
  • Can be fitted with long booms (260mm booms included) for increased mechanical inertia stability
  • Composite CNC Carbon fiber 3 K weave and Aluminium construction - internal FPV camera
  • Long flight times - 8-11mins depending on LiPo - must be 4S
  • rock solid  stability in all indoor or outdoor conditions
  • Small size for transport to work  :)  -  will fit in a travel case/Pelican box 420x400x100mm - props off.
  • Weight fully assembled  - 820g WITHOUT LiPo main cell
  • Weight fully assembled with 2200Mah 4S LiPo - Recommended LiPo  = 905g
  • Building Guide Avatar is here
NOTE : Cannot be flown with a 3s -  on 4S it flies very responsively - accelerates well - this 4s2250 45C-90 LiPos for longer flight times
NOTE : 2 : It important not to fly LiPos which are too heavy - Tricopters fly well up to a certain weight per cm squared of Prop area then reach a tipping point and are hard to keep super-smooth or stable 
NOTE: 3 : The Video Tx/Rx is Auto switching/sensing and will output in the format the FPV Camera sends - As are almost all video googles and 7" monitors sold today - this means if you live in PAL country you can still order the faster 60fps NTSC version - The FPV cameras are fixed output - A PAL camera will always output PAL 50fps - an NTSC will always output NTSC 60 fps
NOTE : 4 : In some countries such as AU FPV requires 2 pilots - Pilot(PIC) plus 2nd Pilot - i.e. Command/spotter Pilot and FPV Pilot - The PIC must have the aircraft visual at all times LOS for safe Ops; the 2nd Pilot flies FPV.


  • PARIS Sirius AIR autopilot - pre-programmed to TriiKopta
  • 3 x 12mm tubular Carbon 12/10mm booms - 170mm
  • 3 x 12mm tubular booms - 260mm
  • Motors -  3 x CarbonBird® 888kva motors - 62g with NMB high end bearings and long wires, and GBC connectors installed
  • Prop Adapters - 3 x Red 6mm Prop adapters 3.17mm/6mm shaft
  • Props - 1060 props CW and CCW (plus 1 spare) = total 4 props
  • ESC - 3 x 18Amp CarbonBird® ESC - Twin heatsinks - small form factor - all plugs fitted
  • 2 way Y-Lead - Servos
  • 4 way Y-Lead ESC learning setup
  • 4 way Pre-made power distribution lead XT60-JST
  • ESC Program card
  • 2 x Metal Gear Digital Servos - with ball-bearing - digital, linkages and carbon servo trays 23mm slot
  • Airframe - CNC 2mm 100% Carbon fiber 3K weave plates - not fake veneer like 90% of the market 
  • CNC boom holders - v2 DuPont Delrin™ material - super light weight
  • CNC engine coolers/locks - v2 black anodised (new)
  • CNC aliminium pitch change collars (new)
  • Andromeda v2.1 Pilot orientation board (with voltage Reg 16.8->12v) - Red/White and Blue LEDs indicate the front.sides and rear - day or night
  • Avatar scorpion style Heli-landing gear - CNC and Carbon
  • Various M2 and M3 bolts
  • Nylon standoffs - various
  • 140mm circumference Velcro strap for recommend LiPo size (2250Mah 4S)
  • Adhesive Velcro for LiPo positioning
  • 4 x Zip-tie ropes
  • 1 x 1.57mm (1/16th ") Scarab Pro tool - for tightening the boom holders in pairs - Wiha - German tool steel


Requires / Excludes

  • Excludes PARIS GPS here.  if ordered with a GPS at the same time we will program the AIR for the GPS - must be connected at all times and mount away from the centre
  • If ordering a PARISv5r3(excluded)  - excludes the Andromeda v3r3 here
  • Excludes FPV kit  - Custom 3 bladed Tx antenna - 4 Bladed Rx antenna - 1.5km ultimate range - 750m safe Ops Radius LOS - Some countries mandate shorter distances equating to the pilot visually seeing the aircraft. 5.8Ghz Ch1 -Ch8 -  (1)5705;(2)5685;(3)5665;(4)5645;(5)5885;(6)5905;(7)5925;(8)5945 - Specify PAL(50fps) or NTSC(60fps)
  • Requires prop balancing - Props and motors can be balanced to run silky smooth by the owner - this is an important skill you must learn - its easy - but takes 3-10 mins per prop to do well - its a matter of adding blade tape to balance the props - static balancing - then running at speed - trial and error process called dynamic balancing - props are spun up and balanced while turning/spinning.  Pilots who say they did not balance their props are just short changing themselves - The entire IMU will fly better and the bearings will last longer when everything is balanced dynamically - Use the Forums and YouTube to search for Prop balancing videos.  AP requires very smooth props for smooth video.
  • Excludes USB miniB cable - its the same cable as your GoProHeroHD2 or GP3 camera :)
  • Excludes Radio control Tx/Rx ;Recommend Taranis
  • Excludes training and understanding the AIR and a positive atttude to learn these steps if not known by you - requires Tx setup using the GUI ; requires PC skills ; careful checking/understanding of the RC radio and multiWii autopilot modes (ie training which is not included) - user must refer to the various sub-pages on this website for component understanding
  • Requires Pilot skills - perfect for RC collective pitch 3D-heli pilots - for others use a Simulator first and fly Triikopta (and we are not talking about watching a self fly drone parrot or fanton or naza fly itself either - we mean real stick flying skills - if you need GPS for RTH when out of range, then good - but if you need GPS so the aircraft flies/hovers itself - then this Triikopta is definately NOT for you yet)
  • Excludes LiPo main power cell ; Recommend 4S2250 45c  for Longer flights
  • Excludes GoProHeroHDv2 camera - Highly recommended - massive improvement in sharpness over the v1
  • Excludes your FPV Ground-station 7"  and/or FPV Googles -Most ground stations also require 12v (not included). Exclude portable DVR
  • Excludes OSD and OSD GPS return to home - On Screen Display - we recommend the Eagletree OSD & Eagletree eLogger & GPS  ;  or use the Wii-coded-version MinumOSD.
  • Requires a FPV 12v regulator to supply consistent power - regardless of the voltage of the 4S LiPo->=12v
  • Excludes LiPo Charger ; Recommend iCharger ; We have tested heaps of B grade chargers - these ichargers are the only chargers on the market we actually recommend SAFE -100% - amazing balance charge and cell balancing - This is what happened to a customer who risked using another brand of charger without proper LiPo safety monitoring systems in the charger such as accurate cell balance and without thermal cutoff protection and without a fire-proof bag.  Used correctly, attended -  LiPos are safe - used incorrectly they will burn at 700°C.
  • Exclude Quanum telemetry for individual cell monitoring - total voltage has caused the loss of many aircraft because it is primitive and archaic - You MUST know in real-time when the first cell dives below 3.4v - only Quanum can do this
  • Excludes a temperature controlled soldering iron - Hakko 888
  • Requires Advanced problem solving mental skills - NOT suited to people who cannot solve a puzzle - why? becuase you must understand a complex electronic UAV, to build it.
  • Excludes training - We are not responsible for training and do not offer a free TAFE/Uni course with every multicopter kit - sorry - Training is a reality of life. Different people need different amounts of training - Our experience is that most people with an "Above average aptitude" and problem solving mind EASILY build this aircraft - but some have an unrealistic expectation of their own abilities and fail.  YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THE INSTRUCTIONS before buying and make up your own mind if you understand everything, or not.


FREE Shipping*  - limited time offer - Free Shipping for this product
This product ships FREE by DHL/Fedex/AUPosteParcel - worldwide* - Free packaging and handling and free shipping by trusted Fedex/DHL (we choose the best carrier for your country) - Australian orders are shipped by eParcel signature required.  Address given must be the address delivered to as per your official PAYPAL address - Re-routing is not included in the FREE shipping offer ie home to work - *Excludes REMOTE AREA rural regions/Islands where Fedex/DHL remote areas surcharges apply - *Excludes Government duties/taxes payable by the buyer -if you need any special declared value please advice by email first to check. Excludes additional items placed into your cart which exceed the 1.1kg limit - additional items are charged pro-rate for all weight above 1.1KG.
Delrin™ is a registered trademark of DuPont USA

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  • Information on assembling a kit can be gained by looking at the photos on the product page itself. If you stuck on an advanced kit then first read the Quad Noobs guide
  • MultiCopters should hover at 50% throttle and fly for 10-15 mins.
  • Balance all props - vibration causes junk sensors data and gello in video - remove the SOURCE of the vibration by balancing
  • Use a quality prop balancer(Du-Bro 499 Tru-Spin Prop Balancer) statically; then run them individually to check they are centred true and the tipshave the same path; any vibration will reduce the effectiveness of the Wii gyro or anyother gyro.
  • Attach any IMU or sensors such as Sirius™, NAZA or WookM with vibration isolation gel - Board with sensors solder to directly are just cheapo clones - commercial quality IMU use isolation vibration materials
  • Keep your PROPS OFF - not installed - until you are fully conversant/understand in full the functions of your Tx in full including TRAV (end Points), the arm and disarm procedures - realise that for a noob skiping or out-of-order set-up steps or moving sticks, or even static - PROPS may start at anytime without warning. Never install props prior to calibration of the ESC and testing the gyro orientation, and arm/disarm testing of the board - YOU are responsible - make sure your actions and your Copter is safe - remove the prop -remove the risk.
  • Always maiden on default PIDs' - If the copter is not almost perfect on default PID's then DO NOT go straight to altering the PID's! Most of the problems you will face as a noob will be caused by making wild assumptions or following myths from forums - fly on default PIDs first - balance your props - make sure your ESC are calibrated and synchronized.
  • Dont be fooled by forum claims of kirby flashed ESCs - this software will melt your ESCs and give short flights - there is a lot of bad info on forums

Safety in Australian Skies

  • Keep more than 30m from persons,choose an empty sports field for your first flights
  • Do not fly near pets, houses or cars
  • Never fly within 3nm of an airfield or above 400ft
  • Never install your props until after the Multicopter is fully tested and 100% correct without props. Engines can start suddenly and without warning IF YOU FAIL to understand how they work or skip any steps.
  • Set your Tx/Rx binding to low throttle 1/4 position so that if the link is lost the copter will descend slowly.
  • Always keep your Copter in line of sight for one pilot ops - FPV is only legal in AU with a buddy on a buddybox - 2 person FPV is 100% legal using the buddybox system below 400'.  See CASA Part 101 Regs
  • RC Flying is a privilege - please enjoy it.  Don't show off and don't get over confident
  • Home movies are fine, but in Australia professional paid photography or videos from an RC aircraft requires CASA Part 101 compliance, including exams and approved ops manuals and pilot competency tests by CASA official which will cost several thousand up front.

Safety in USA Skies

USA multicopter Flyers be aware - FAA D.O.T USA published an AC 91-57 (Advisory Circular) on June 9 1981 to keep flyers of models away from populated areas (people) and minimise hazard to persons and property on the ground - the intention is conveyed by this AC - It is titled Model aircraft operating Standards - Para 3. a) to e).

Clearly stated are the 400ft height limit and not closer than 3nm from an airport and the avoidance of populated areas and parks.

Once used commercially a model in the USA becomes a U.A.S and pilots should read this document regarding the use of multicopters for Comm Ops


We ship Australia wide by eParcel with signature - and Worldwide by DHL/Fedex/Airmail Registered - Please add the items to your cart and Estimate shipping - see below. Orders ship in sequence - an Order placed on a friday night will ship before an order placed on monday morning - Also please see the SHIPPING PAGE for details - valuations etc

estimating shipping

FREE SHIPPING OVER USD$300 - worldwide* ** Details

*FREE by DHL/Fedex/AUPosteParcel /Airmail Registered Post - worldwide** for any single order totalling USD$300 or more* - Only applies to INSTOCK ITEMS - that means Free packaging and handling and free shipping by trusted Fedex/DHL ECONOMY/AIRMAIL Registered (we choose/decide the best carrier for your country) - Australian orders are shipped by eParcel signature on arrival. Address given must be the address delivered to as per your official PAYPAL address

Re-routing is NOT included in the FREE shipping offer ie Fedex goes to your home (the address you gave us) and you then tell them to re-route it to your work (they charge heavily for this) - so Re-Routing is NOT COVERED - *Excludes Government duties/taxes payable by the buyer on arrival in his/her country - if you need any special declared value please advice by email first to check if we can help or maybe not. Excludes additional items ordered in other separate orders or items requested by EMAIL before or after the event

** INCLUDES the following countries but excludes remote provinces/islands/towns in these countries - Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Cook Islands, Czech Republic, Denmark, Fiji, Finland, France, French Polynesia, Germany, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jersey, Korea Republic of, Luxembourg, Macau, Malaysia, Malta, Marshall Islands, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines The, Qatar, Russian Federation The, Samoa, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, Vietnam

Free offer Excludes places which are remote/OFF the main DHL/Fedex routes where Fedex/DHL dont go on a daily basis ie - are considered Remote Area Delivery. We will contact you if your Country is marked as remote by our contractors - when we cross check your given address to their database of NORMAL delivery addresses or we may only discover this after we have been billed. If you place an order from a country which is not listed above we will contact you with a Paypal correction option; if you do not wish to pay the correction, for your Country, we will cancel your order and refund your order via Paypal.

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