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FPV AeroSIM Flight-Sim RC FPV & MultiWiicopter flight simulator - AU Australia

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Product Description

frsky-au-taranis-aerosimrc-phantom.jpgFlight Simulator - SCARAB pilots and Multiwiicopter "pilots" can combine their PC or laptop (Windows 7 or 8) large wides screen monitor to fly this sim (via USB/dongle) with their own RC Tx Transmitter/sticks/switches (Radio at right)  - with this AeroSimRC software &  hardware Dongle (USB to Tx Trainer port) you can learn to be an RC pilot - by practicing your hand to eye co-ordination for LOS (line of sight) and FPV (First person View) - by doing many hours of SIM-Time you will develop neural reflexes to truly FLY as a pilot and stop stooging around dependant on silly modes that actually block you from controlling the craft - you can develop skills you will have for years -  you can practice flying at night or in windy/rainy/bad weather (when actual flying is too risky) without risk of loss -  never damage your aircraft.  Especially important for learning to handle orientation when facing towards you or sideways under LOS - We at MultiWiicopter.com have been working closely with Manuel at AeroSimRC Spain to include realistic Scarab MultiWiicopter performance for TRiiKopta and Scarab YSiix !  (Special thanks to Manuel(Spain) and Alain(Florida) from the MultiWiiCopter.com crew here in AU Australia.  You can practice ACRO Hero full manual control (Gyros Only) mode (Called Condition Zero (0) in AeroSim - or the easier self levelling mode using Gyros and Accelerometer ANGLE Mode (Called Condition One(1) in AeroSim)

  • Internet Auto-updates - unlimited
  • Version 4.20 - has Scarab MultiWii Multicopters - Scarab™ TriiKopta and Ysiix Scarab™ - ACRO mode default(0) - LEVEL mode(1) 
  • General multicopters - Quad, Hex or Octa simulation - full time LEVEL mode only
  • FPV simulation - load your own local area Google maps - not included - 
  • Red-tail boom or red-front boom orientation
  • Sim can be set to emulate Mode 1 or Mode 2 (Throttle on the left) set up
  • Multiwiicopter ACRO (0)  & LEVEL/ANGLE mode (1)
  • Standard USB cable supports Graupner MX; JR ; Spektrum ; Hitec Aurora ; Turnigy 9x

Recommended training exercises by MultiWiicopter.com Team -  to benefit from a SIM

  1. Setup your RC Taranis/Futaba controller -> If you have a Taranis go to MODELS menu on the Tx and select the model called "xxxx SIM" which will put the Tx into Slave Mode - no live transmissions
  2. If you have a Futaba - connect to trainer port - For any/all Radios you don't need to turn the Radio on - not for SIM work - the screen comes on when the cord is attached - be sure to power off at the end or you will damage the battery - if you have a LiPo be sure to set the battery ALARM to 9.0v so you don't damage your 3S LiPo
  3. Transfer the AeroSim from the USB Stick - USB and complete the calibration process
  4. Select Tricopter or YSiix
  5. Select Condition (1) ANGLE self level mode
  6. Learn to control power and practice simple take off to 2m - then land
  7. Select Condition (0) ACRO mode - manual mode - gyros only
  8. Learn to make small movements of the cyclic control to fly smoothly - Take offs to 2m - hover - then land
  9. Advance to flying figure "8's" - the nose of the aircraft must turn to face the ground track
  10. Advance to flying circuits in front of yourself
  11. Advance to flying nose "in" nose facing you
  12. Advance to take off and landing facing in - nose towards you
  13. For FPV training - take off visual LOS - climb to 10m and 10kph - then switch to FPV - fly a circuit and on short finals - revert back to LOS and land
  14. For ACRO training - flips and rolls - set Condition (0) ACRO - initiate a power climb for 1 sec 75% throttle - as the Copter climbs thru 10m , throttle to 20% and hard roll at the same moment, as the copter complete 360° roll, increase throttle to 50% and stop roll with opposite stick
  15. Fast backflips - same as 14. above but start from a fast pass-by
  16. RULE 1 - If you crash the SIM - penalise yourself with 10 push ups - or take a break for 15 mins - walk away - do NOT learn to crash and feel OK - do not get used to crashing the SIM - crashing is bad = FAIL - if you crash the sim, later you fly you WILL also crash the real copter and break it....
  17. RULE 2 - don't give up - initially you will think it's impossible or consider drugs - don't insult your brain-power - your potential if allowed to flourish will amaze you  - keep practicing on the SIM - after approx 10hrs (people under 12years) or 20 Hours (for people >35years old) you will suddenly just "GET IT" you brain will start to see the relative orientation angle of the copter as if it was not a factor and you will find yourself flying in any direction without any conscious thought process.  Now you have crossed over to the dark side.... good luck
  18. RULE 3 - periodically - if using ANGLE mode (1) - force yourself to train in ACRO Hero mode (0) to get your skills back up, again
  19. RULE 4 - given the chance to be lazy or take drugs - humans will do both - don't fly dji modes for too long or you risk damaging your brain from lack of use....
  20. - transitioning to the real thing - Spend time and find a very SOFT ground training area - DO NOT GET SUCKED IN BY YOUTUBE watching pro-pilots flying over hard ground or short grass - this is very deceptive - they have spent years getting experience then put on a show to impress but you will notice they don't crash there - you will fail - You must find a field with long thick lush 1m-0.5m grass or very soft dry beach sand - Grass and Sand can reduce "G" forces.  Crash damage is excluded from ALL warranty - and will cost you money in the short/long term - So again - you must select the perfect training area with the ability to strongly CUSHION any crash forces !!! - Progress slowly - dont smash it on the 2nd battery.


  • OEM Windows USB Hardware Dongle - no serial numbers required
  • PC software (not for Mac OSX native- but will work well on a Macbook with BOOTCAMP Windows 7)   Program is supplied by us on a 4Gb USB stick - Only at MultiWiicopter.com :)
  • Direct download updates via your internet connection in future years - NO CDROM - Please download Demo Version now  (same as full version but requires keyboard to use and flight time limited) - before buying - Current version is 4.20 HERE (114Mb)
  • Download Update 4.10 -> 4.20 Here (22Mb)  ; try the Scarab Reconn in the 4.20->4.21 BETA version here and let us know your feedback (4.5Mb)
  • works as supplied with Taranis/JR®/Spektrum®/9XR mono 3.5mm earphone style plug - trainer port transmitter -> USB PC Port
Excludes - Optional Extras required for other Transmitters - see chart in images at Right
  • Futaba® Square converter lead link here
  • Graupner® MC converter lead link here
  • Excludes user manual - User Manual is ONLINE HERE
  • Excludes CDROM - Excludes Box !!!   - we don't ship these items - just wastes postage
  • Excludes RC Transmitter - you must have your own Transmitter Tx-- thats the idea.
  • Excludes transmitter calibration - AeroSIMRC Tx calibration is stored in C:\ProgramData\AeroSIM_RC\config.txt on your PC - After calibrating and setting up your OPEN Tx Radio like Taranis or 9XR it will reside there.   You can optionally save yourself some time if you download our calibration for a open tx 9XR here called "config.txt" ; then copy this file to the same path in your Windows PC computer after you install aeroSimRC. However, it will not work perfectly since most TX are configured slightly differently, and they may have different central positions. To alter it, run your calibration wizard in the simulator.     To run the wizard, go to Top Menu / Controller / Configuration / Config A / press Button "Calibrate and Configure TX"
  • Excludes Windows® PC - you need a PC or Mac running Bootcamp and Win 7 (what I use)
  • Excludes PC or Tx setup training on how to use it - please download it BEFORE you buy to see if you understand it or like it - The AeroSimRC Forum is here if you're stuck and need help
Things we Australians have asked the Sim designer - Mr Manuel for in future updates
  • Pilot Orientation LEDs (Now INCLUDED!) - user selectable Blue for front - Red for Rear - White for sides - As per Scarab default
  • Realistic Multicopter electric sounds - We did a lot of work recoding sounds - but still needs improvement
  • Scarab Reconn QuadCopter with Acro mode(0) - This is setup with NAZA in AeroSimRC v 4.21 or later 
  • Customisable FPV window - drag and drop - 
  • One button LOS to FPV switch over - single switch from Line-of-sight to FPV with OSD
  • MAG and BARO modes 
  • GPS PH and RTH modes

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Product Reviews

  1. Great Traning tool..

    Posted by Dee Williams on 19th Feb 2015

    I have 3 flight simulators and this is the best, I love the OSD gives me a chance to use the HUD as a tool to help fly and get use to using it...

  2. Seems like a good sim

    Posted by Aaron on 29th Jan 2015

    As other reviewer states graphics aren't crash hot but the simulator side seems very smartly designed with training programs that give you a good feel for what is involved in the real world. Now back to practicing!

  3. Surprisingly real, responsive.

    Posted by Mike on 12th Jan 2015

    Don't expect much in the graphics department its not much better than an Atari game from the 80's.

    However eye candy is not the fundamental purpose, simulation is. It is packed full of features and is very similar to the real deal for flight feel. Lots of aircraft to choose from, FPV mode, chase mode, PIP modes, training modes, game modes, you can even tinker with the settings for the models.

    Recommended purchase, and in my opinion if your noob like me an essential one. I crashed the sim nearly 500 times in a week (info from the log). Thats a lot of broken gear in the real world.

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