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4-Balls IMU vibration reduction Mount ReconnV3 kit

Shipping Weight:
188.00 Grams
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Product Description

 this PARIS Sirius™ 4-Balls IMU vibration reduction V3 Reconn ->AIR / NAZA mount kit is engineered by MultiWiicopter.com Australia.  The specific purpose of this device is minimising vibration arriving at any IMU - We know from our R&D that this is the best approach to clean data - longer reliable flights with MultiWii sensors or with dji auto-pilots especially. If youre experiencing strange inflight "EVENTS" on your IMU - regarless of price or marketing hype -  this device can help you.  While LowPass filters can be used to remove/average ACC data - ok - but in reality the less vibration at the ACC/GYROs the better.  This is especially important for the prevention of un-explained naza/wkm "Flip-Outs" or loss-of-control "events"  3-5 mins after take off (ACC saturation from vibration) or on distant FPV flights where youre not able to monitor the Pilot Warning LED used by dji.  We recommend this IMU for the SCARAB HUNTER series with 14" props or bigger when combined with the PARIS Sirius™ AIR or the PARIS v5.  Can also be used very effectively to mount a PARIS AIR suspended above the drive shaft for the brushless gimbal.



  • Cleaner data from your IMU
  • mounts to the standard 45mm SQUARE mount hole standard (63.5mm diagonal) used in almost all multicopters such as PARIS autopilots ; Voltair ; Andromeda and Scarabs frames
  • Engineered in AU - can mount on a bottom deck - or as a drop-down from the top deck of a V3 Reconn or a Scarab Hunter or QuadOcta-Octa custom
  • Direct fit to PARIS AIR unscrew old base and apply new base  - use the 30mm standoffs included this kit
  • This kit version also includes extra standoffs for NAZA 35mm see below


1 x High Quality CNC metal mount deck - Fits PARIS Sirius™ AIR ; PARIS Sirius IMU ; or NAZA ; or WookongM IMU

4 x PU GEL ball spheres - extremely resistant to vibration transfer

1 x 2.0mm CarbonFibre X-ring mount 

4 x 30mm nylon white standoffs (AIR)

4 x 35mm nylon standoffs (NAZA1 or NAZA2)

4 x M3 Nylon nuts

4 x M3*8 SS bolts



Excludes compression bands for Heavy IMU, like metal v2WookM, you must compress the balls to 50%

Excludes the upper Reconn v3 carbon Plate HERE (Not required for Reconn because this plate is included in the Reconn itself)

Excludes 40mm metal standoff HERE for Wookong IMU v1 or v2 - gives 2mm clearance

Excludes 50mm metal standoff for Wookong IMU v1 or v2 - gives 12mm head clearance

Excludes/Requires assembly - Never pull aggresively on the delicate Gel balls - Push the flanges thru slowly with a round object like you finger pad - dont use finger nails or sharp objects !  Work slowly and patiently.  

Excludes VHB 3M FOAM OUTDOOR tape (not included) if using large DJI NAZA or WookM sized IMU - clean all surfaces first with rubbing alcohol wipes 


For PARIS IMU - Use the VHB tape provided to stich the IMU down correctly (in the correct orientation) - be aware a loose or incorrectly orientated IMU is EXTREMELY HAZARDOUS - you must make sure that the IMU remains 100% attached at all times !  We recommend to use an additional compression band if unsure - Never attach props until AFTER a full running systems check.

Do not modify - Modification of an IMU mount can result in severe issues

Do not combine with INCORRECTLY OVER-GAINED PIDS - PIDS which are set too high result in poor performance, shorter flight times and increased risk of IMU saturation or IMU resonance from noobs gains setting errors


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