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for FREE shipping details - see below (bottom of this page)

Trade Pricing - 
Sales of aviation/drone products on this site are trade level for Drone-Experts, DIY requiring an appropriate technical skill level from the buyer, prior to purchase, - we recommend you self-train online using the wiki info embedded on each product page of our site , Google, YouTube and maximise the Scarab Social FB option to get help if stuck. Online DIY learning is what most of our customers enjoy doing, anyway if not sure just give us a call ( see contact page for hrs and numbers) before buying  - All sales are in USD$ and exclude GST of 10% for Australian based orders (GST tax does not apply to export orders going to USA, Canada, EU or NZ).  The master price is in USD$ and the final currency conversion at checkout (for other currencies than USD) will fluctuate slightly depending on PayPal rates or Credit Card rates of exchange at different banks.  GST is added at checkout if/after the cart determines you are ordering from Australia and delivering in Australia.  Australians will receive a full tax invoice and that GST can be claimed by businesses.  the second currency shown is a GUIDE only based on international rates.  We are not responsible for currency buying/selling rate differences, given by banks.  Our published selling price is in USD.  

Lithium Batteries - LiPo batteries cannot be shipped "alone" unless they go by road - road is limited to Australia only - For any other country a LiPo CAN be shipped with other products that are connected directly to that LiPo such as ESCs and PDBs or full drone kits - then everything can go by air

Fraud Prevention/Validation ††
Due to the sharp rise in online-fraud using stolen credit cards, CC number generators, cc scams, hacked PC's and fake data being presented to us, any first time or suspect purchase payment, using a credit card or non-verified PayPal transaction will be required to confirm by verification/validation, proof of the buyer's photo ID, delivery address he/she has given for goods delivery confirmation and proof that the card name is in physical possession of the buyer. If you are not prepared to validate your data given, then please USE ONLY verfied PAYPAL, as we reserve the right to immediately cancel/refund any credit card order or behaviour commensurate with CC fraud or somebody over-reacting suspiciously to anti-fraud validation of a CC.

All product ships from AU (Australia) -> world.  We ship fast and efficiently - The website database keeps accurate stock.  "In Stock" really means actually instock.  We accept PAYPAL

paypal-visacard-mastercard.jpgCredit cards? - Yes, but only to 17 approved countries below (see list at bottom this page) - We reserve the right to request verification/validation of delivery address via photo ID for the credit card used.  An order may be cancelled if considered high risk.  Otherwise best to use your VERIFIED PayPal (where paypal have already validated your PP account delivery details.)

Fulfilment - We are Closed on weekends and public holidays - office hours are HERE    
What does "Awaiting Fulfilment" mean? When an order is placed, staff are already busy processing all previous orders, ordered before yours - so your order is awaiting fulfilment - all orders are processed in the order they are made and Gold /Express and Non-urgent go into 3 separate queues.  Gold Class is handled first. NON-Urgent is handled last. Staff place products into bins moving along the packing line - the logistics manager then decides the best way to ship items that may include lithium batteries to various parts of the world or to various regions in AUS or NZ. So this is the fulfilment process - finally it is assigned to a Courier service and despatched - After despatch, usually at night, tracking data (if available) is then sent and the order is considered to be "FULFILLED".    We ship Mon -> Fri - normally within 1 business day for express except for mondays and close to Australian public holidays (This excludes Peak periods = Easter, Pre-Christmas, Black Friday where shipping can take much longer). Some products which require assembly or collation (e.g. plug-and-play PARIS boards and Scarabs) generally we ship within 1->3 business days for express - this can longer during high demand or long weekends. Priority and regular shipping go to separate Queue lines - Priority Orders are processed first strictly by order number sequence.  Thus if an order is placed on Friday night then it will be far far in front of an order placed 2 days later on sunday night.  So if you think it suits you to pay at the last minute - please think about all the other guys ordering earlier in front of you because they ordered sooner.  If there is a back-order delay, or we think something in your order is a mis-matched or strange combinations of items that we notice - we will contact you via the contact email address linked with your order.  If you have 4 different emails accounts/addresses and wonder why you did not hear from us - then please check ALL your emails accounts - especially your registered PayPal eMail account inbox.  Email notification happens at 7pm-9pm local time.

All enquires about shipping of orders  - log into your MultiWiiCopter account (Sign In) and go to you account Order number and VIEW Messages -> then type your message relating to that order.  or if you've NOT yet ordered then contact shipping@multiwiicopter.com or call 617 5598 3999 and ask for shipping dept.

Gold Class handling - if you had a crash and need to get going ASAP you can pay to jump to the front of the queue and have your order picked and packed before others using Gold Class.  Gold Class is processed hourly - For best results you need to place your Gold Class order before noon AEST - so it can be same-day despatched. We will ship your Gold Class order by DHL, local courier or Express Post - whichever is the most appropriate/fastest for your area and the products you have ordered. Usually by DHL/Courier or Express Post - delivered Mon-Fri.  Our logistics Mgr will decide whats best to get it to you asap.


Priority/Express Handling - these are dealt with after the Gold class orders have been fulfilled - depending on time of year and the amount of orders, this could be same day but no promises - Priority/express orders ship by Express eParcel (unless you have ordered batteries then we will put you in the faster picking queues but send your order by eParcel)..  Yes, POBoxes CAN be used for  Express POST in AU - you will have to sign in the post office and show them ID

Economy Handling - packed last each day - goes by road/airmail (cheapest handling option) -  the shipping dept considers these  "not urgent" handling - depending on the time of year and number of orders, these free or economy orders may be queued for 1-3 days before handling commences - especially on mondays or close to holiday periods, Pre-Christmas, Easter, Black Friday or eMail sales events.  Yes eParcel economy can be used to POBoxes in AU - you will have to go into the Post office and sign and show ID

also packed last each day,  small items by Airmail - no tracking with signature (if available to your country - in the drop down menu at checkout) - so for example AU -> DE cheap option   - can only be paid for by PayPal verified customers (not by Credit Card)

Local pickups, Saturday Morning Only 9am-1pm ; receive a text SMS when ready to collect We are offering to those people who work all week, the option to do a Saturday morning pickup - for orders placed during the week or prior to 9am on Saturday  - select SAT PICK-UP shipping - and in "Comments" box of the cart - type a comment "For Saturday morning Pickup - your Cell Ph xxxx xxx xxx ) - you will receive a text when it is ready - Must be collect between 9am-1pm Saturday ; @ 33 doubleview Dr , Elanora Q.  Driver Lic ID is required to collect item ordered in the name used on the order. Buyers must wait for a "items ready" text before arriving or otherwise may find the property locked/unattended and CCTV watching/recording after 1pm.

Airmail with signature - notes - yes we ship worldwide by Australia Post Airmail - provided you paid by a Verified PayPal only. Delivery is 8->50 working days worldwide (10-55 working days during december/january).  No tracking number is available for Airmail.  We have found Australia Post to be very reliable, however the airmail system relies on the receiving country's postal systems, some of which we have found to be unreliable. For example the German post office is very slow in Germany.   "Airmail no tracking with signature", can sometimes be tracked in a few countries e.g. USA.  We strongly recommend buyers in countries with less reliable postal systems select DHL shipping as our rates for these services are very low - and items arrive in Germany 3-4 days later. 

Carriersfedexdhllogos.jpgWe use Fedex, DHL for international courier shipments. The choice of carrier is at our discretion (we decide based on who gives the best price/service to each destination). It's VERY FAST. Typically 3-4 days to USA from Australia,EU (excludes weekends) 

REDIRECT - You cannot redirect a Fedex/DHL package to another address - such as home->work without financial PENALTY -  so REDIRECTING IS NOT PERMITTED AT ALL and will be considered Fruad-in-progress and reported as suspicious evasive conduct. 

A validated authenticated Phone number (linked to the credit card used) and a correct Postcode is mandatory for FedEx and DHL.  Incomplete address data or incorrect phone numbers will be considered to be suspicious fruad-in-progress and reported. 

Change of mind - Re-Stocking If you change your mind and wish to return the items please contact us, the process is here 

7 days DOA Policy - After you receive an item please check it within 7 Days to be correctly functioning - Full details and warranty return process is here 

ONLINE SALES - All orders must be placed Online to receive our quoted online prices
We are an online store shipping worldwide - all sales MUST be made via our shopping cart online for you to benefit from online prices  - add items to your cart to get an automated Quote - its a fully online system for the buyer to get the benefit of the price discounts.  At checkout you can pay by credit card or Verfied Paypal for fastest response.   Please note that prices are in USD$ and exclude GST for Australian orders  - For orders over USD400 to Australia, shipping is free** - at checkout choose free shipping option which will appear once the cart goes past 400.  Non-cart orders can processed manually by email, by staff, but attract an additional 20% manual process fee over and above website direct prices.  Items which are sold-out or not yet released, must be purchased separately/later as we don't sell out of stock items.  Each page has a self managed "email me" tab on the left the left side for out of stock notification of re-stocking.   Optional items listed on each page of our website as excluded or required are NOT included must be ordered by the buyer - we do NOT take responsibility for the buyer by way of items they "forgot to order". Its important to return to the webpage for each product and be sure that you decide for yourself what product to buy, or  if you need tools, or spares etc in your shopping cart, that is your decision.

Free shipping offer is NOT offered at present - subscribe to NEWSLETTER for any OFFERS, SALES or future free shipping limited Offers


Express World Wide SHIPPING* LOW RATES TO USA = 3 days - see list of approved Countries below - cheap rates to USA starting from USD17 for a flight controller for example* and it will arrive in 3-4 days at an East coast City in USA - If you Choose DHL

Import/Export fees - All shipping *Excludes Government duties/taxes payable by the buyer on arrival in his/her country  

**DHL Shipping Excludes combining - additional items ordered in multiple separate orders or items requested by EMAIL before or after the event -

**DHL  Shipping EXCLUDES certain bulky items - which are marked as "excluded" on that product's page (carry cases and  power supplies, and LiPos)  We do our best but certain items are just so big or heavy it is not possible (volumetric size) we simply cannot include them in this offer.

**DHL Shipping does NOT apply to LiPo lithium batteries to certain remote countries - please check first if ordering LiPos to your country,  as LiPos have DG Dangerous Goods restrictions and special handling.  The Shipping Mgr will contact you to advise options or cancel a LiPo order selected incorrectly with "DHL shipping" 

** What about my country? FAST shipping** What is rest-of-world?  is my country on the 17 eligible express country ship list?  Major routes = we ship  ONLY to the following countries   - Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America.  If your country is NOT on this list then you must pay paypal with adjustment for shipping TBA - all countries outside this list must use a VERIFIED Paypal address and PP payment (NOT A CREDIT CARD inside PP) or your order will be cancelled and refunded. Any other country you may still be able to get products, but you MUST pay by Western Union or TT  in advance.

shipping zone Excludes remote areas ZONES such as rural/remote/places which are OFF the daily routes of our couriers' regular route/tracks where Fedex/DHL/Fastway/Courier/Signature services don't go on a daily basis i.e. Remote Delivery Areas Fees apply .  Our logistics manager will try to get the best deal for your address.  However, We will contact you if your unlucky to be zoned as "remote area" by these courier companies. Sometimes when we cross check your given address to their databases of NORMAL delivery addresses vs remote areas we are surprised too by their "boundary lines" - sorry; It's a complicated world in courier zones and DG, we may only discover your address is Zoned as a Remote Area after we have been billed by these couriers and they then decide it - fyi for future business.

FREE SHIPPING OVER USD400 orders to the following places

  1. USA - Free shipping over US400
  2. Canada - Free shipping over US400
  3. Germany DE - Free Shipping over US400
  4. Australia - Free shipping over US400
  5. New Zealand  - Free shipping over US400

Spend over USD400 and we offer to ship FREE by to these 5 countries above ; then you can simply SELECT "FREE shipping" at checkout -
Free goes to AU is by road ; NZ by post or DHL(
Auckland 2 days) ; USA by DHL (4-5 days) ; Canada by DHL (5-6 days) ; our shipping manager can answer any free ship questions on shipping@multiwiicopter.com 


*International shipping  for special exceptional "large bulky/heavy items" which have an excess bulk/weight levy far beyond their value like large backpacks, large LiPos, Power supplies and metal RCRadio boxes.  Logistic staff will contact you if there is a problem - with a price adjustment and options for shipping these unusual items.

Is my country on the "Shipping" or Rest of World - ship List?  The list below - We do ship products/items to 17 countries below, provided the buyer has a fully VERIFIED paypal address and that verified address is the only address we will ship to - If you place an order from another country which is not listed below, we sales contact you with a alternate Paypal correction shipping "fee", we may require identification or alternate payment such as western union; if you do not wish to pay the correction, or complete validation checks, for your Country, we will cancel your order and refund your Paypal. Excludes Freight forward houses, sorry not possible.

We only ship DHL to verfied/validated pp addresses in the following countries : - 

  1. Australia
  2. USA - United States (48 mainland states & Hawaii only)
  3. Austria
  4. Belgium
  5. Canada
  6. Denmark
  7. France
  8. Germany
  9. Ireland
  10. Italy
  11. Japan
  12. Netherlands
  13. New Zealand
  14. Norway
  15. Spain
  16. Switzerland
  17. UK United Kingdom
  • Any other country, you MUST pay by PP verified and additional shipping fee will be requested pro-rata ie shipping - such as S/Korea, Sweden, Iceland, Israel,South Africa,Namibia,Botswana, US Islands and APO's

††  Problem countries - Due to corrupted officials/postal theft/hackers ; We do not offer CC or PP  to some countries such as remainder of Africa, Middle East, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Russia, Brazil, Peru, italy, Malaysia and many more where we have experienced problems  - For these countries we will require cash payment by Western Union - email shipping@multiWiicopter.com firstly to arrange in advance of ordering


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